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  1. I know but god damn. I would have thought all the Karen’s and kens would have used up all the pumpkin spice by December at least

  2. In my experience, most customers assume that Starbucks doesn't have the product if it's not located on the menu. At my location, on every menu we get it reads, "If you don't see your favorite drink, tell a barista." If we have the ingredients still, we will make whatever we can.

  3. From a labor standpoint blending is an extra step and extra time in the drink making process, leaving out ice or water takes less time though it uses more product which costs more to make.

  4. Believe me, I as a barista, understand the upcharge, but I haven't heard one customer complain about the blending being 50¢.

  5. What the fuck are you listening to. I hope I never have to hear that again lol

  6. Is this Texas? I think I used to live near this intersection

  7. I feel like they used Doug just as an excuse to use Chris Parnell. I liked Bertram for the time, but I don’t miss him

  8. I actually think the half man is Brian. The 12th man is Adam West.

  9. I think it's actually Tom twice, if you zoom in you can see the side 'stache a bit, I think.

  10. In the bird community, males are more brightly colored. You already have a male hummingbird on you.

  11. To anyone who is complaining about this rule: just do not go to Starbucks. Go to the grocery store. Buy your own ingredients. Make it at home. I promise you, you will spend about 50-75% less in the long run.

  12. OK, now I realize those are partner members. I work at a licensed store inside of a Kroger. We don't have partner numbers.

  13. Was just told the "V" actually means version three. I wonder what happened to version one and two.

  14. Ngl I would’ve loved if she was future Stan’s wife and not a nameless background character!

  15. Why don't you check serving size they could just be different shapes

  16. Plot twist- the man who denied her was her dad

  17. Yeah, it's kinda weird how she didn't say "partner" (or similar). Makes me think it's someone she's not supposed to be with sexually.

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