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  1. We need a billion dollar endowment to build sustainable kibbutz hippie farming communities in America. Why hasn't this been done already? Zuck get at me!

  2. Oh, I'm not arguing that it's not difficult as it is now. I think most of us would agree that the current setup needs reform. My point is that making these loans escapable through bankruptcy would have the effect of making the interest rates far worse than they are now, because it would vastly increase the risk to the lender.

  3. Could we have loans available for discharge, as well as the loans that are not?

  4. Technically, we already do. There's nothing preventing a student from taking out a personal loan and applying those funds to educational expenses.

  5. You could say the same about cars or houses or SBA or corporate or fed bank loans.

  6. Sadly appearing in a picture with a criminal isn't in itself illegal or proof you've done anything illegal.

  7. There is plenty of additional evidence to investigate surrounding Epstein and Maxwell, et al

  8. Yes, but sexism and patriarchy is only bad when it comes from "white old men", I find them all very tolerant of the medieval mentality of certain cultures, seems feminists and woke people okay it when it happens in the name of the prophet with the 6yr old childbride.

  9. I didn't imply all were okay with it, but at the large, I don't hear as big of an uproar (in numbers) concerning, as an example, Muslim sexism vs Christian sexism. It's as if they all feared the labels they give people all-too-freely, quite hypocrite.

  10. “The new therapy from Ferring Pharmaceuticals Inc. is manufactured at a facility in Minnesota from stool donations that are screened for dozens of infections and viruses. The therapy is delivered via the rectum by health professionals as a one-time procedure.

  11. I was just chatting with my sister about this the other day. Wasn't there some sort of correlation they found where an obese donor to an average recipient, the recipient was more likely to become overweight? I should Google it

  12. Compare and contrast to an actual interview that addresses the core issues:

  13. And whatever I happen to be carrying up the…. (stares)

  14. If you like her, definitely ask her to go do something with you, something that you enjoy a lot. If she’s into you in that way she will say yes.

  15. He’s only disqualified if he wins. If he wins, then the conservative governor gets to choose his replacement.

  16. Twitter is destined to be the Fox News of social media.

  17. If it’s a conspiracy, that means there’s more of them!

  18. IDK, but also in the accessibility setting you can change the cursor so that if you shake your mouse it becomes gigantic, and easy to locate….

  19. And they wonder why they struggle to beat the RepubliQons.

  20. What we do know is that what we are doing now doesn’t work.

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