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Transfer Deadline Day Mega Thread

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  1. The AI Arteta press conference memes are so dumb but I still laugh every time.

  2. What's this going to be used for anyway? Any reason why we're not using these resources to build social housing?

  3. Very excited to see the results regarding who to pick in the frontline.

  4. So I asked you guys to predict who'd win the tie prior to the first leg.

  5. How does Holding have the lowest rating of the subs? Thought he was pretty solid aside from one giveaway near the half way line.

  6. Because you don't actually pee in pools, you're just trying to be funny with the hope being people understand you're joking.

  7. Good to know I'm not missing out by tuning out. No dislike btw, just pointless cause they were completely on a different route than my team.

  8. Feel like I should love this but there's something off about it. Maybe the base is too big and bulky?

  9. Yeah this one closed a bit earlier than usual, will likely be the case for all the late night European kick-offs.

  10. No, I still do that as usual. Just sometimes takes a while to put the posts together.

  11. Both sides of the "Arsenal lucky/unlucky with injuries" debate are really missing the mark.

  12. For me, I don’t like the use of the word lucky for lack of injuries. Injuries are a negative thing, they are unlucky. Not having injuries should just be the normal state of affairs, lucky suggests that it’s fortunate to just have players available in the first place.

  13. All of East Asia really. If anything, China has the most Cyber Punk type cities in the region.

  14. There’s a point in every game where we do that. At least one anyway.

  15. This is such an oddly specific request. I wonder what you are planning to do.

  16. So do Man City. Except for maybe Chelsea, all their opponents have something huge at stake.

  17. Aston Villa might be the only team in the whole league that doesn't have much to play for. Every team above them is either going for Europe or the title, and every team below them is in a relegation scrap.

  18. I think Chelsea's chance at a European spot is pretty slim unless they go on some crazy unbeaten run.

  19. Disagree. They're only like 4 or 5 points off a conference league spot.

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