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  1. Someone already said it, but the Yasai (the Little Italy location is better than Convoy imo) is really good. Every non-veg friend I’ve taken there loves it.

  2. Din Tai Fung. Although not fully vegetarian, they have plenty AMAZING vegan options. Great experience overall.

  3. Second this. I take everyone here for a nice dinner if they’re visiting/it’s their birthday. I’m vegan and it’s some of the best food I’ve had. The vegan wontons are amazing.

  4. I hope the romance options for Arthur and Lancelot mean something later on. Like I hope if we pick only platonic options with Lancelot, we aren’t accused of an affair in the future — whereas if we did pick the romantic options, we are. I just hope they aren’t meaningless choices. I’m only romancing Arthur but I’m still going for the Lancelot diamond options, only choosing the platonic responses for him tho.

  5. One of my favorite books I’ve played on choices, up there with BOLAS and TC&TF. They did us so dirty with that ending and no sequel 🥲

  6. I haven’t been this excited for a chapter since BOLAS and Distant Shores. I was looking forward to it all week and enjoyed every minute of it!

  7. The Bodyguard by Katherine Center isn’t full on cowboy but it does take place on a ranch in Texas and has great banter/annoyed with each other dynamics. I read it in a day and really enjoyed it.

  8. not me getting excited thinking it was a spoiler for a book about hockey until the comments set me straight 😂

  9. I, Lucifer by Glen Duncan. Really descriptive and moody.

  10. Lol I though it was supposed to be that way 😂 I was like, weird piercing, but ok I guess

  11. Once There Were Wolves is one of the best books I’ve ever read. I recommend it to everyone, even my friends that don’t read lol.

  12. Other Birds! BFF next month finallllly, hopefully we’ll get more spooky themed books next month

  13. My friend and I got there about 30 mins before the opening act went on. Not sure if you mean floor in front of the stage or the pit inside of the stage, but we were in the pit and there were only about 10 people there. If you’re in the pit wait by the catwalk instead of the stage — no barricade and you get a better view from both sides!

  14. Not their song, but their Democracy cover is beautiful and I wish they’d play it at shows. I honestly prefer it to Cohen’s OG. The way the Lumineers interpreted it gives it a more hopeful, freeing feeling.

  15. The second verse of dead sea wins this alone, hands down, no question

  16. Love gun song, but I named my dog after Ophelia so I feel like I gotta go with that one 🥲

  17. See, that was my thought last month too when I was wondering if it would be an early release August pick — when TJR is so popular already, does it benefit her brand any longer to use BOTM? But then having Malibu Rising on there after the success of Daisy Jones throws me off.

  18. Did I miss something, are the TJR novels connected? I’ve only read TSHOEH and Daisy Jones so far.

  19. They exist in the same universe. Not specifically connected, but Mick Riva makes an appearance in Daisy Jones at a party and is one of Evelyn Hugo’s husbands. He plays a much bigger role in Malibu Rising — Evelyn Hugo is referenced but not mentioned by name in that one. He’s apparently mentioned in Carrie Soto too (who also makes an appearance in Malibu Rising).

  20. that's so lovely, what a rad gift!! you put together something really special

  21. thank you! I’m the one obsessed with the game, but he asked for music I like so he could learn it — hoping he likes it just as much! 🤞

  22. thank you so much! yes i did, really glad to hear people get use from them. :) you can find all of them through my Musescore profile

  23. Just an idea — if you made sheet music booklets and put them on Etsy I’m sure people would buy them! I was actually looking for a fan-made booklet first on Etsy and made this when I couldn’t find one!

  24. Small Angels + When We Were Bright and Beautiful! Saving Small Angels for October, seems like a good fall read

  25. One common theme with Emily Henry is that her female characters (and sometimes male) are always writers/involved in the publishing industry in some way — so with that theme in mind: The Roughest Draft by Emily Wibberley and Austin Siegemund-Broka. If I’m being honest, I actually felt like it was a better version of Beach Read 😬 I feel bad even saying that bc I adore Beach Read lol.

  26. I’m mostly a romance and fantasy reader so I’m hoping for love on the brain & babel. However the book eaters by Sunyi Dean and how to kill your family by Bella Mackie would also be fun august releases.

  27. I really wish BOTM would offer more romance and fantasy vs thriller and horror. I feel like when we do get romance and fantasy, there’s only one option and we usually don’t get both genres in the same month 😕

  28. I honestly didn’t realize Julia Whelan is an author! She’s one of my favorite audiobook narrators. If I’m ever on the fence about a book but see that she’s narrating it, it’s an auto buy. I’m going to have to check out her books!!!

  29. I hadn’t even heard of her before! Funny though, the protagonist of her new release is an audiobook narrator!

  30. The Soul of an Octopus? Sounds interesting! Can you share the author’s name? I looked it up and a few titles came up. I’d appreciate it!

  31. Sy Montgomery! And if you enjoy books that focus on nature/animals, Charlotte McConaghy’s last two releases Migrations and Once There Were Wolves are my all time favorites — she has a very earthy, rich, disturbing way of telling stories.

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