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  1. Well they definitely made an effort in later seasons like with Hollyhock, Pickles, and Stefani.

  2. They did, and apparently that was intentional. I believe Raphael Bob-Waksburg said that between seasons 2 and 3 (or maybe 1 and 2) they reviewed the script to see how much screentime/lines were given to non-white actors and saw that it was DEEPLY out of step with the actual demographics of Los Angeles. So they stepped it up in future seasons.

  3. This is a ridiculously inefficient way to achieve his goals. The better way would be to inseminate fertile women with multiple donor sperm each month. The ridiculous handmaid system is appealing to the men because they literally have a sex slave with state-sanctioned permission to rape.

  4. If we want to make it work, we could assume that Lawrence was sounding the alarm on the fertility crisis early on, and mainstream powers were unreceptive and labeled him a hack. However the Sons of Jacob would listen, and he got wrapped up in the theory of it

  5. I was going to say genetically speaking it’s not far off from breeding programs, you want to increase (or maintain) population while also trying to maintain genetic diversity. There were probably (marginally) more ethical ways to go about it in that sense at least, like that dating app specifically for Iceland.

  6. Why did it ruin their credit to refinance to a cheaper loan?

  7. They probably didn't refinance but settled the debt legally for a lower amount than owed.

  8. Imagine dying in "Nutty putty cave", who tf named it? Better call it "Satan's dickhole of death"

  9. Ironically it was named Nutty Putty because of the clay-like texture of the cave walls. It's ironic because this same clay-like substance is what caused the final rescue attempt to fail, when the pulley came off the wall because the clay was too malleable to hold it in place.

  10. Have to disagree - the proper shit part is folding and putting away after it's dry. If I was OOP's gf I'd be happy to hang it out so long as they put it away afterwards!

  11. You know this man isn't folding and putting away his own laundry lol. He absolutely would've listed that among his chores, which are apparently just putting away clean dishes, taking out the trash and wiping the counters.

  12. We wouldn't have been fighting Nazis in the 1940s if the liberals hadn't sided with the fascists against the socialists

  13. So do you mean now your scraping dishes clean and putting right in the dw? Skipping the sink? Thats interestesting because the dishwasher directions state this.

  14. Not skipping the sink! Just using this instead of a bristle brush for stuck on food.

  15. We do have these moments, but it doesn’t satisfy the important role of actual sexual engagement for my SO. He gets actively and explicitly sad and withdrawn and disappointed if we don’t engage sexually. But recently I’ve just felt so SO unable to make myself sexually available and have had no sex drive. I feel super closed off and the idea of doing anything sexual is sort of just neutral and sometimes feels like more effort than sincere desire or enjoyment. Ugh. I don’t know!

  16. Please, please read the book Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski, it'll absolutely change your life. It goes over this exact relationship dynamic repeatedly throughout the book. Ask him to read it too if you find it helpful.

  17. Wow, thanks for this recommendation! I’m busy trying to find it right now. I appreciate it so much, it looks amazing.

  18. Definitely check it out, it should be available as an ebook or in print. I'd love to hear your thoughts about it. This book is basically my new Bible! I think you'll find the sections about the chasing dynamic to be really useful, but the whole book is a treasure. I'd love to hear your thoughts if you do end up reading it!

  19. Digital artists and photographers have a pretty bad legitimacy problem. It's trivial to replicate their work, so a lot of times they don't get recognized, much less paid. NFTs help with that problem.

  20. That I could understand, absolutely. But they seem to be strongly implying that it was the firing that caused all the mental health issues. Maybe they're just explaining themselves particularly poorly.

  21. Wow this is sooooo pretty AND usable!! Can't imagine the shock when you tell people you made it yourself haha.

  22. I haven't had a chance to wear it out yet but you better BELIEVE I'm wearing it with a shirt that says "ask me where I got this skirt" lol! It's the first thing I've made that looks impressive even if you don't know it was handmade :D

  23. There are few things in the practice of law more embarrassing/humiliating than watching an experienced litigator cross-examine a chiropractor.

  24. Honestly, being the queen of Christmas isn’t a bad gig lmao you always know you’ll be making dough

  25. I don’t think this is enough data to prove what you’re trying to prove. It seems more likely that Taylor Nation gave out so many boosts that they were essentially negated.

  26. There's definitely not enough data here to prove anything. However, it does lend support to the rumors that boosts may have harmed people's chances, and I figure that some flawed data is better than no data, since Ticketmaster is refusing to offer any clarification on the boost system!

  27. That's definitely a possibility in line with these results. Hopefully Ticketmaster will address these rumors at some point and just tell us what they were for

  28. According to a Twitter poll by user @TallgirlBigcity, boosts may have actually HARMED our chances of getting tickets. "The boosts had a statistically significant effect (p = 0.043) and NON-boosted respondents were 50% MORE likely to score tickets!"

  29. something about this chair i do not like. it has an ominous presence.

  30. Yes, it's an excellent piece of art! Now you have an example for next time you see someone say modern art is stupid :)

  31. Is it mormons that do Soaking because it's not real sex? They have someone jump on the bed to move them and since it's not them making the motions it isn't seen as sex

  32. I'm pretty sure that is a myth/form of plausible deniability if they're caught having actual sex.

  33. I must have terrible maternal instincts cause I don’t actually see the problem with that

  34. Could possibly make it harder for the baby to breathe. SIDS isn't super well understood but generally seems to be the result of something obstructing the baby's breathing combined with some babies lacking the instinct to wake when their breathing slows or stops.

  35. I think it's just honest and healthy for a comic artist to recognize that they're not all going to be winners and own the misses.

  36. It also allows her to make both broadly relatable but more boring content while also making more niche but arguably much funnier content without doubling her workload

  37. Yeah, I was pleased to see this. It won't stop Republicans from attempting a national ban, but it will almost certainly not get enough votes -- even if they end up with control of both sides of Congress.

  38. Given the Democrats' stated intention to prioritize gun control over reproductive autonomy, I fear we'll get some kind of horrible half measure that heavily restricts abortion with some minor concessions to get the necessary Dems on board

  39. They seem to be a really progressive country...

  40. I mean he mentioned looking at insects which is harmless and can probably make you look creepy to an outside observer.

  41. The sign seems to describe someone who is hiding in the foliage watching pedestrians pass by, not looking in the foliage

  42. Literally every single one of my male Ochem II tutors was crazy smart, funny, open, and.... fit as hell. Like, athlete-status levels of fit. OP's just mad this chick is out of his league so he blames the jocks for what he assumes they lack, instead of looking inward and finding out what he himself is falling short on. Like basic human empathy.

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