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Blind girl meets a bodybuilder

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  1. It probably taste amazing all soft with the outer layer starting to get hard

  2. How tf did they manage to make out what they’re looking at, that camera is awful

  3. This kind of training is going to fuck those dogs up. They'll have awful arthritis in a fraction of the time a normal dog will.

  4. No actually the people who let the dog just land on the hard ground do, but these people who catch the dog do it literally to prevent what you’re saying. Like tf bro

  5. That moment when you realize it’s not a fart and a cold chill shivers down your body

  6. The worst is when that happens at 3:50 when I’m going to work, I don’t have the strength nor will do early to seal off the dam that early in the morning.

  7. so I should shoot more animals so they learn to be scared?

  8. Honestly, I deal with assholes like this almost every single morning that flash their lights at me all the time.

  9. I was doing 160 when the speed limit is 100 and some dickhead did that to me flashing his shit, I didn’t have a spot to move over for the guy so I kept going until one opens up, next thing I know he flies past me in the emergency lane then slows down to 20 over and kept like that even after I got to pass him. I’m not against using high beams to let someone know you wanna pass but at night it’s kind of a prick move.

  10. Apparently this happens a lot, people who don’t know how to swim go to water parks who then need to be saved when they fall. Huge skill issue

  11. Always stay inside the cabin, wear a seatbelt. It's the safest possible place when stuff like this happens.

  12. Actually my house 2K km away seems pretty safe from this dude

  13. Go look at this post in idiots in cars, turns out op is the idiot who needs a firm defaz

  14. So for anyone coming in here, this is basically what's happening.

  15. I can reason with OP, if you’ve ever driven in Toronto you’ll loath the drivers so much as to act as irrationally as op did

  16. I like how after the parting hug she’s like, “Wait, I’m not done.”

  17. After a butt grab like that I don’t believe it’s possible to not continue

  18. Not if you eat it like a boogie. Regain that lost blood.

  19. Thanks! I got to dislike the comment and be a part of the beetle juicing! Very engaging.

  20. So if you think you see a potentially dangerous situation, don't park next to said situation so you can video it for attention.

  21. “Wow look at these idiots” next thing they know they’re spending the next few hours with them, police, and 3 destroyed vehicles.

  22. Running a light? Who needs to do that after they put in the 5 second rule, it’s actually not red until it’s been red for a solid 5 seconds, or at least until people decide to just stop running the light and let the other traffic have their green finally.

  23. I disagree this isn’t about passing on the right is about an idiot who can’t check his blind spot

  24. I hate the bullshit idea of blind spots, a simple trip to the dollar store and a 50 cent pack of blind spot mirrors can open up a whole new world of visibility.

  25. I fucking hate these people, like you’re high beams do fuck all with all these street lights other than make everything behind them hard to see, which means pedestrians or cyclists or just any hazard on the are road way harder to see that may be behind that idiot.

  26. Go on YouTube and figure it out yourself, much cheaper and will likely save you a headache since most people now a day suck.

  27. If you have the means you can just buy yourself more data access so you don’t have to hangout in a greasy McDonald’s for a bit.

  28. Never pull over on the road or even side if you have the option. Just pull into the gas station or plaza that is like 3 minutes away. Same with highways just get off and get back on, it takes a few more seconds but your life may get saved by it.

  29. Bout a penny sized dent/scratch, it happened to hit right along a body line and creases it, im hoping PDR can fix it, we’ll see I guess

  30. I wanna get a Tesla to catch these idiots, I have so many dings and scratches on my car none of it being my fault and it’s so infuriating. Even my fog light cover is missing as someone fucking stole it, a $25 part. They also damaged the part that holds the cover which means I have to buy a new bumper and cover if I wanna fix it.

  31. Are you going to try and get this person to pay?

  32. Surprise surprise. Why do it quickly when you can milk it for overtime. Any time I’ve ever driven by that project, or pretty much any road work project, there’s one guy working and four of them just standing around.

  33. That’s the construction golden rule, all the experienced guys stand around while the new guy who doesn’t really know what he’s doing is lifting the bulk of the work.

  34. Man I love being construction, we just fuck around all day then the Forman gotta bullshit why it’s not done in time. Like we took an hour lunch then last hour and a half on Friday me and the guys were throwing insulation knives into the pads of insulation and Kelly screws at the wall to see if we can make them stick.

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