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  1. Willing to also trade my xs for this wish I copped the right size i feel like its impossible to find a size s

  2. Fits alright if im wearing only a tshirt but i wanna layer :(

  3. They let me stay in my summer 1 housing until the summer 2 housing started as long as its on campus

  4. I remember one dude saying wow this dude only came to lift that little to me

  5. Teenage Blue - Dreamgirl Something so sad but so happy in this song.

  6. Just Googling these models, they say Fall/Winter 2023. So sadly we're far out.

  7. Business analytics is technically ds + business so it will be no difference

  8. Hey how are you now? I'm sorry you're going through this. You're not alone. I also messed up my digestive system by possibly giving myself a Hiatal hernia from vomiting. Were you able to find peace? I hope so.

  9. Hey man, i'm not sure whar happened tbh, but my body has slowly been healing or at least i think so from the incident. Slowly reintroducing new foods and i think its the digestive enzymes zenwise thst have been helping to rebuild my gut biome, but yea its been a good 9 months since this all started and my body is recovering slowly but surely.

  10. I had these and sold them. I usually get “lucky” every raffle. I’ve never seen those laces on any of my 550s and I’ve had quite a few. So unless previous owner swapped them, if they’re claiming they’re the DS laces, they’re full of shit.

  11. Yea ive had 3 pairs of the grays and never saw it either bad fake LOL. I thought laces were the easiest thing to get right

  12. I honestly love it. If you want pics, just let me know

  13. You want a pic of me wearing it or the jacket hanging up? Haha

  14. Sounds like a lot. I usually take 20 mg omeprazole at night to control nightime reflux. I think you should aim for 40 mg of ppi or 40 mg of h2 blockers in morning max or one in morning once at night. Just my opinion not a doctor.

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