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Today I celebrate One. Thousand. Days. Sober. They haven't all been perfect and it's been a wild ride, but it's certainly better than it was before. Thanks for sharing this day with me, friends. (oc)

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  1. I'm pretty sure nearly every deadhead has had their struggles with drugs and alcohol. If not, they are either fortunate or they havent been honest with themselves yet. So you're in good company here. Hit my 10 year mark in December and like another poster here said, if I were given the all-clear, total freedom to go back to that lifestyle, I would not.

  2. Nice! I just got a Nashville too and I can't put it down!

  3. Congratulations on realizing you had a problem and acting on it. I too was an alcoholic and just hit 10 years sober. It sounds like you had a breakthrough and I applaud you for sharing it. The Grateful Dead was a lot of fun in my party days, but not near as much fun as they are now.

  4. Deluxe Nashville - slightly flatter fretboard radius at 12", narrow tall frets, no push-pull to bring in the neck pickup in all positions. Supposedly different pickups but I seriously doubt they are really different. Different colors.

  5. Forgot to add, the deluxe has a heel carve, the plus doesn't. The plus has a belly carve, the deluxe doesn't. I prefer a heel carve.

  6. I've been guilty of this as well. Typically if it's on a mainstream radio station it's an automatic "nope." I drive a lot for work so I listen to music 6-8 hours a day and the Dead has done a fantastic job of keeping me entertained for many years. I'm not opposed to taking different twists and turns musically but my baseline is Jerry and the boys. I always come back and realize just how darn amazing they were/are/always will be.

  7. Ok. Im 65, been a deadhead forever. But I am gonna lead you in a different way. Chris Stapleton. Yes, really. I am not a country follower. But every one of his songs speaks to me in many ways. I got hooked and listened to his collections. Very good.

  8. Fellow Deadhead here and I agree! I turned off country music many many years ago. It's crap.. But, Chris is different. Every album is fantastic and full of life and soul. Supposedly he is moving away from Nashville so that makes me respect him even more.

  9. Billy Strings is amazing. It's like he's a reincarnation of the best rolled together. My son went to a concert with Wille and Billy and others and live streamed it to me. It was awesome. I haven't heard someone new that I like so much in a really long time.

  10. The first time I heard him I thought man ... All is not lost, real music is not dead!

  11. I wear freerider pros during the winter or when I know I'm going to have a pretty good chance of catching a root or rock with my toes.

  12. 2022 limited hybrid here. I've tried everything I can think of and I cannot get the map volume down. It says I should be able to but it never responds and just stays maxed out no matter what.

  13. If you are just looking for live dead there is an app called grateful dead concerts and it is basically just an app version of For a streaming service Pandora has a large selection live dead.

  14. That's exactly what I've been looking for. I love but it would be awesome if they had an app version.. turns out they do!

  15. It's incredible! Just downloaded it and wow.. If any of you don't have this... Get it NOW!

  16. Absolutely normal! Most of my friends are twice my age (32m) and I wouldn't have it any other way. Soak in their wisdom of life and advice for growing older. Whether it be health, relationships, financial wisdom etc... Soak it in and learn from them.

  17. I’ve known my share of wonderful Christian’s and wonderful deadheads. I’ve also known my share of terrible Christian’s and terrible deadheads. Its all part of the same human experience though, so who are we to say? Grateful Dead made music that is definitely good for the soul, however they personally turned a blind eye or just flat out refused to input any opinions on their audience/following even when things got really dark. Christianity preaches about treating your neighbor fairly and helping those less fortunate around you up, they also have oppressed LGBTQ communities, performed violence against different beliefs, and promote segregation from communities that are different from their own (this all goes beyond just Christianity of course). You have to do what you believe is right, not what someone else tells you is right. Only guidance i can offer is to be truly kind.

  18. I'm a non-denominational Christian and a deadhead. Just wanted to say I love your comment.

  19. I’m no Christian but have lots in the family, pleased to make your acquaintance! ✌️

  20. 👆 See, it's that easy folks, just be kind! Wouldn't this world be such a better place if we were all deadheads.

  21. We have a Kuat base 2.0 and wouldn't have anything else. Zero complaints.

  22. Cool! I love that style of playing. Thanks for sharing!

  23. I had a hardtail, a 120/120 “downcounty” bike with a light setup for long rides, and a ripmo af. Although it was not the “correct” bike for the job, I ended up choosing it for multiple 6+ hour 40+ mile rides because of how comfy it was for me. It’s heavy but it climbs very well. I realized that was the only bike I was riding and I sold the others. I run an air shock when riding tame trails and a coil when it gets fast and rough. I’m tall and about 200# so I’m not very weight sensitive. Mountain bikes are just fun. Big ones, small ones, skinny ones, fat ones. It’s tough to go wrong.

  24. I'm overweight. I'm 6' and 215 pounds, would like to be ~185. I dont believe I am in good enough shape to warrent the bike weight argument. I can deal with a few extra pounds on the bike. Maybe that will help me shed a few pounds lol. That's partly why I'm doing this anyway.

  25. Thank you for your comment. I figure it may actually suit me better to have the extra travel of the Ripmo as a safety factor as well. Wouldn't that extra bit of travel cushion any consequences of bad line choice or bad jump landings? As a mildly skilled rider at best, I will have several of those. That makes sense in my head anyway. Stability is key for me, and I think the Ripmo will give me that over the Ripley. I am willing to trade the all out speed of the Ripley for the stability of the Ripmo.

  26. There was a noticeable Orbea presence in the NWA area. Made me really consider an Occam.

  27. I haven't been in this game very long but we took a mtb vacation to Bentonville a couple weeks ago and we were shocked at how many Orbea bikes were out there. They must be pretty great!

  28. I know I commented on your previous thread but I like this one even better! I'd love to have a Ripley to match yours!

  29. I’ll check out the show and if your have never read the book “Bear” check it out! If you dont know much about Owsely, it my give you a bit more love for the bears if you know the man behind the fur

  30. Grateful Dead and morning coffee are a great combination!

  31. The true Deadhead fan base is the greatest collective group of people I've ever came across. Thank you for your time friend.

  32. Yes I have! That china>rider transition has been stuck in my head all day! My favorite thing about the Dead is their ability to improv, no other band compares with them there.

  33. In December I will reach 10 years sober. It gets easier, and the world gets more beautiful every day :) I send you my best wishes and encouragement friend.

  34. If I'm riding I'm listening to them. Wife bought me some aftershox bone conduction headphones and they are perfect for riding. I pick a random Grateful Dead or Jerry Garcia Band show and take off. The music never stops!

  35. I'm disappointed in mine. I have a 2021 F350 base model work truck (it's a stripped XL model) that sounds better than this JBL "premium" audio package. I have tried everything I can think of to make it sound good but like another redditor mentioned, I just can't find the sweet spot. Crisp treble and decent bass but everything in between is just empty.

  36. I just converted to tubeless on my Marlin 7 with 29x2.3 DHF/DHR maxxis tires. A 2.3 DHR is absolutely the max the bike will accept in the rear and it's still very tight. The front could handle a larger DHF but 2.3 is fine by me for now. I have Bontrager Kovee TLR rims on mine as well. YMMV.

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