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  1. I tagged this as copium because it's my way of coping with whatever the fuck they're doing in Langley rn.

  2. I do consider capital letters Anti-Racism basically defends a leftwing Separate But Equal.

  3. It also has this weird Maoist forced declaration of support thing, too. You're obligated to loudly proclaim your dedication to it because failure to do so is seen as supporting the opposition.

  4. His role in that garish livestream is rather villainous idk

  5. Problems like this are why I download, remove DRM, and store my books in Calibre. I could have lost 2 books a couple of years ago. I purchased a 5 book omnibus. I was cleaning up metadata on some of my older books, the omnibus book cover pix showed 3 books, and so did the new metadata. The publisher issued a new omnibus with only 3 books. If I hadn't kept the ebooks stored offline and needed to re-download my books, I would have lost 2 books from the series.

  6. Which software would you recommend to handle the archiving?

  7. We should all act afraid and cow to the deranged internet terrorist, that will surely make them more agreeable

  8. Someone should contact their editor with a link to the police response and her admitting that they did not come in with guns drawn.

  9. If it's repeated in enough articles and tweets, it becomes the truth, and you'll get accused of being a conspiracist or bigot for trying to challenge it.

  10. Keep doubling down on unconstitutional assault weapons bans and see how it works out

  11. Back to the Armenian-Azerbaijan front: over a hundred confirmed dead from shelling. Russia (and the CSTO) are sending the SG of the CSTO to conduct fact finding and seek ways to deescalate. Beyond over-eager social media enthusiasts, there seems to be little appetite by any side for a wider war. The US, Russia, the EU and the various other world governments have called for deescalation. Iran I believe is wanting to intervene more forcefully but for now, unless Azerbaijan starts a true offensive, I think we're on the path to deescalation. More to come.

  12. If you put yourself in the shoes of Azerbaijan right now - was this worth it? Assuming that from here it de-escalates, did this encounter yield any sort of gains or victories?

  13. Interesting, so now the Oasis is the only one in the line without USB-C. Surely there must be a new version of it (or a replacement as the top-tier model) soon!

  14. I'm hoping the expected Oasis update will address this

  15. I've been holding out for a new Oasis! I've had my Paperwhite for almost 8 years now and it's been faithful and still works great but it's time.

  16. I stopped thinking Rage Against The Machine was smart and edgy by the time I was 17

  17. I have found the same thing with many left leaning people and the Euromaidan.

  18. Are we seriously going to start collectively pretending YouTube comments have ever mattered

  19. While hilarious, just laughing at Russian incompetence, and posting other's reactions, isn't really relevant to this megathread.

  20. To be honest I find understanding China so difficult and foggy that any insight into the way their netizens are thinking or acting is interesting to me

  21. That's an incredibly venomous and angry way to talk about half the country

  22. And then grabbers use this absolute junk as "proof" that liking guns is racist and portraying anyone who disagrees as "anti-science" and a conspiracist

  23. You wouldn't believe how incredibly easy it is to get an anti-gun study published. Peer review is minimal, and where it exists it's incestuous between the people who support gun control. Fundamental flaws can simply be ignored.

  24. Go over to any subreddit involving medical professionals or psychologists and you'll see dozens of variations of "anyone who would want a murder toy clearly has underlying psychological issues."

  25. I refuse to comply with a bullshit “amnesty” for something they declared illegal arbitrarily, which up until mere months ago was fully legal by the decree of the same capricious and unelected bureaucratic group of chicken bone readers that comprise the ATF’s rule making body.

  26. The Dem party line has already shifted to "the idea that the 2nd Amendment gives you the right to own a firearm is a far right conspiracy theory invented in the 70's" and accuse anyone who tries to correct their egregious lies of spreading disinformation and conspiracies.

  27. Soon Keffal's version of the narrative will be accepted and republished by mainstream news organizations and streamers everywhere.

  28. Orange man would have fucking done this in a heart beat, too.

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