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  1. For most people who have 500 to spend, its gonna be too much hassle to save the 50 bucks. You would definitely have to go with the person, as there is no way to check the card has any value on it. Best of luck, mabey stand inside JB and see if anyone wants to do a quick transfer before going through the checkout.

  2. Elsewhere, they won’t do bottle service outside of champagne though. Fat beats, alternative crowd.

  3. In my experience, I have no experience with this.

  4. First - I would get some statements from this account to make sure that he isn't supporting his mother with the money and to confirm its just some weird control relationship he has with his mother.

  5. I hit 100k at 28 years old in a HR Business Partner position. It took 10 years of grinding and moving through 4 solid jobs in different industries to gain enough experience and value within myself to get promoted. Constantly trying to build my experience, move jobs if I began stagnating or see a better opportunity. Onto my 5th job at 29yo for 120k. I had peers hit similar milestones in same career 3-4 years earlier, they were just in the right time and right place earlier in career.

  6. This is one of the strangest posts i have ever read (i read it all). Super articulate and intelligent write up and reflection about how you mess up your financials every year and then detailed plans to fix it. This feels like obese people who want to lose weight and know what they need to do to lose it but can’t stop eating. They try every single diet, but deep down something is missing in their life that led them to this. I think you need to find out why financial stability is important to you, in the same way a fat person needs a real motivation to lose weight. Because you are clearly quite intelligent, and this has nothing to do with your knowledge of money management. Something is not right upstairs and a psychologist might be a good route to find the cause of this. I am not getting the ADHD vibe as much as it being more likely behavior from being on the spectrum.

  7. They spend a lot more time listening and asking questions before providing any advice or input to conversation. Intelligent people know that they need to understand the whole context before they can provide accurate advice/input about their opinion. Unintelligent people start rattling off their first thought without proper understanding, and with little regard as to whether someone will act on what they have said.

  8. The email says ‘get you onboard’, that suggests to me that they want to employ and pay you to fix the excel sheet. Unless you left on bad terms, i don’t see why you need to try and screw them for some insane amount of money. Yes you need to be paid, but no need to burn a bridge by holding them over a barrel and show them the 50 states.

  9. What you were promised in a bonus structure that didn't come to fruition is irrelevant. If you can earn more money overall on a better base rate elsewhere (than the value of your current package overall including bonus) then you have leverage to ask for more money.

  10. In addition to the below comments, you also have to fill the cap for your current tax year(27,500). So if you haven't maxed out this year, some of that 50k you put down will come off this year first to max you out before it will contribute to prior years (50k) carry forward.

  11. So $7.5K towards this financial year cap (based on assumed total contribution of $20k), the rest will used previous years concessions? But i can still claim tax back on the whole lump sum i assume.

  12. Correct. So if you wanted to clear the whole 50 in your example, you need to put in 57.5k, and claim the tax back on the entire amount.

  13. Government wages for a reception job is between $51,292 to $61,078 based on experience and tenure in QLD. I imagine VIC would be similar. She should get a government job, they overpay big time compared to the market for admin/reception.

  14. BTW - those stats are from dept. of education, i.e. state government.

  15. Only thing better than this would be standing in the line all night only to get to the front door and ya mates don't want to pay the $20 cover charge...

  16. It doesn't matter, trust is broken and you shouldn't want to work for them. Walk out, they can find someone else.

  17. I used to work at a small petrol station. It was ultra chill. Especially if I was on earlies and/or late shifts it could be very quiet and other than topping up a few shelves, I would stand there listening to tunes on the radio. Minimum wage for the job is currently $26.79/hr M-F, Sat/Sun $34.94/hr (casual). You can earn the same as someone laboring in the sun all day or at a major supermarket chain with busy checkout lines etc.

  18. Sounds like he wanted the benefits of having a stay at home wife but he made a crucial error in that the woman he married works full-time and therefore all of these extra jobs have to be a 50/50 split.

  19. I moved from the GC to Brisbane for 4 years living half in Toowong (West), and half in Clayfield (Nth) in apartment blocks. Overwhelmingly I found people to very cautious in the units and scared to make small talk and there was near zero 'community feel' - only 1 or 2 of my neighbours would even acknowledge me. I would say "G'day" to everyone I passed in the stairwell of our apartment block, and most ignored me. I have since moved to a small country town, and I know most of my neighbors well. Funnily enough, if you wanted to go into hiding then the city is how you would do it, not in a small town where most people like to know who they are living beside. My problem was more of my immediate neighbors, not about people in Queen St Mall, because most people there are on a mission to get something and get out and are wary of it being a sales pitch/charity spiel.

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