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  1. I hope it doesn’t give green neck bro, this shit is so tough 😖

  2. Haha I'm down to find out either way, copping for sure 😎

  3. Update, been wearing it for a few hours and still no green 🫡

  4. Figs reps would be crazy. My cousin wears them all the time at his clinic

  5. Damn, that's awesome. Glad to see it - btw, what line and where were you shipping to?

  6. Damn these look so good. I'd compare with my retail but I've had them since the day they dropped so they're way too worn to be useful haha. Might need to grab a second pair to keep crispy though 🤔

  7. Yeah definitely! I have an old batch from Coco and it looks so off compared to this one

  8. Especially the shot in natural light looks exactly like mine. And they were direct from a certain sneaker shop in LA that my homie backdoored pairs from 😎

  9. I went tts but they haven’t go to me yet so I’m not sure.

  10. Get these in hand yet brotha? Wondering if I should go for a 44 or 45 and also trying to find pics of the bottoms to compare to the other ones in this post.

  11. Btw, is the insole removable? Might get insole measurements just to be sure once I get them into the warehouse.

  12. Can't open the sale links on Pandabuy on my end. Could just be bugging out... might also be a good thing since I don't need more sneakers in my haul 🤔

  13. I saw that MrLee was selling this hoodie for only 299rmb, which is about 170rmb less than other batches floating around. I was wondering if anyone knows if this is the same batch or if it’s MrLees own version.

  14. Not an expert but I know the batch that bnumbers and other sellers carry has the correct tags (autumn winter 2005-06). Other than that seems like the same thing to me haha but would love to see what others think

  15. Any idea what batch Money not Friends club is selling here? I have XA and VG otw to my warehouse now

  16. I got no clue j found these n thought was dope lmk if urs have any big differences

  17. Yeah the number on the back is the shoe size so you're good. These look good tho, I don't usually nitpick over reps but just want a pair of these cuz they're hella nice on foot 😎

  18. Yo bro. Do you have any fit pic with these? Thank you!

  19. these are tough OP, salute. will GP large size, feel free to dm in 1-2 months

  20. Thanks for the insole measurements on these - got a size 44 otw to my warehouse. Not worried about the flaws for the price, plus I'll probably double down on another colorway when a new batch comes out lol

  21. Not in my warehouse just yet but I'll request insole measurements. I have the upgraded VG batch otw too so can get measurements for that one as well.

  22. Damn... now I gotta add that Glacier jacket to my haul lol. Thanks for this review man, amazing quality and its great to have things like this for future reference. Reviews w/ fit pics and stats are super helpful! 🤙😎

  23. Honestly these look so good when they're really worn, if it was me I'd just keep them despite the air streak and wear them heavy. That kinda thing happens with wear anyways plus they look great otherwise

  24. It will be, every football kit I've gotten has had the same thing. They usually blur out Kappa, Puma, etc.

  25. Yo! How did these fit? I'm debating between a L and XL.

  26. Please get KF BADGES davies there’s no reason not to use best badges available. I would pay 50$ more for a good badge EDIT: just realized he still could use KF badges. If this is like last time jackets aren’t made yet and won’t be ready for months so Davies you can still give us proper badges

  27. It's actually mind boggling how dumb it is, I'm not even one to judge kids cuz I was on some dumb shit too back in the day, but that sub is cursed lol

  28. Not 100% on this, but had the same issue last year with a KREMS haul and it ended up being a bug due to the difference in timezones. Made it seem like it went back to Korea when really it was an issue with the tracking apps and the timezone

  29. Anyone know when this will be done? I have it in my cart but not sure if I want to order.

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