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  1. That men are infamous for having unrealistic ideas about sex!

  2. Actually knew someone like this! Every other word used is "fuck". " Saw the f and f wouldn't budge so f" etc

  3. That's fuckin' strange, I just read a piece in the MENSA newsletter I get weekly, detailing how the use of profanity can be a trait associated with total fucking geniuses.

  4. Lol!! The height of intelligence! Fucking "Anglo Saxon" influenced profanity. Ah the gifts given to humanity! 😎

  5. "Elon Musk saves Twitter by banning everyone but himself"

  6. They (the someone) choke and foam at the mouth! Poison!!!

  7. They get drunk and have a gay orgy on the field.

  8. I suffer from "Arrogant Stupidity" meaning I think I'm smarter than anyone else! Or else!

  9. Ok. The question was focussed to those who have worn them, and if they still do.

  10. "A love story"! But hey I think "Goodfellas" is hilarious!

  11. Yell "friendly fire" in your most convivial voice.

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