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  1. They won't ban you at PortlandOR unless you do something really bad

  2. They've been saying this s*** for years and nothing ever happens

  3. I've been here before Joe Biden was built. What the f*** did he say?

  4. I’ve never had to observe a passenger urinating in my car.

  5. The poll was performed by a group from Idaho that only works for Republicans.

  6. I'm not a republican, have never voted for one in my life, and I support this ban

  7. They didn't mention that the Multnomah one is one (albeit rather large) building away from a grade school

  8. The "Oh think about the kids!!" argument. The St. Johns village is very close to two schools -- no impact on the children or school.

  9. Drugs are allowed, if I'm not mistaken. So are sex offenders.

  10. Just scroll to right around 3 hours and 1 minute until you see the tie-dye tweaker and watch him

  11. There are states where you can choose to not pay first? TIL

  12. Imagine not even being able to pump your own gas, like in Oregon

  13. Yes lol exactly, you can tell by the summer weather and pure blue skies

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