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  1. My buddies would step on them before I got to the first tee box😔

  2. Secure custody was one of the SEC's principle complaints against a spot BTC fund.

  3. “Nasdaq’s entry could potentially be a game-changer for the sector. Its reputation and size in the global exchange market could help boost institutional investor confidence in the crypto market”

  4. Agree. Financial institutions purchasing crypto is what will take us to the next level

  5. Considering they started the year at less than .07, this has been phenomenal run so far in 2023

  6. Can confirm in Central Florida. The area resorts and hotels take alot of the allocated and good stuff from what I’ve been told numerous time on why the selection is always lame

  7. Just wanted to take a minute to congratulate everyone who DCA’d last year, hope it’s paying off for you!

  8. RRSB is ridiculously smooth, love the cherry notes I pick up with it. It’s my Saturday night pour

  9. You could always post where and share the wealth

  10. It smacks. Got lucky and found one at Walmart last week for $43. I’ve seen it as high as $55 in some liquor stores here in FL

  11. How much are you looking to buy dude? I'd suggest $100k to start with.

  12. Texas is paving the way. “Texas making up about a quarter of all mining activity in the country”

  13. Yay got some MOONS this month!!! My first and very own MOONS

  14. Snagged all the endangered animals for 6 bucks. Let’s go!!

  15. US lawmakers should focus on our corrupt stock market before they come over here with concerns

  16. Sadly the banks special interest and lobbying groups already have Uncle Sam in their back pocket

  17. Thats pretty much nothing. ADA has been in the range 0.2-0.4 USD for basically a year.

  18. Also fellow out bag holder around a $1. Hopefully we can get back to that range in the next few years

  19. I'd much rather buy btc than coinbase stock, but that's just my opinion.

  20. Should hit you vault around 5pm EST Wednesday

  21. Show me on the doll where Bitcoin hurt you…

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