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  1. Henry Ford started the 5 day, 40 hr week to retain trained employees, lessen turnover, keep employees relatively happy, keep family units intact, thus increasing productivity.

  2. He popularized it, but there are important historical events that made it possible for him to do so. Here are some (taken from

  3. Bender drinks several brands, but he seems to like LöBrau, which seems like a play on the actual beer brand, Löwenbräu.

  4. “Hence when said pervy 50-year-old actually does start waving around ‘her’ equipment in the girls’ locker room, if any parent dares object, let ’em have it with both barrels. That thing that ten seconds ago you said would ‘never’ happen? Now it’s righteous punishment for the retrograde.”

  5. Un-alone club. Sounds like a dating or hookups club lmao. There’s a reason a lot of people use phrases like “peer support”

  6. Struggling? Hardly. It’s one of the easiest things to find on the web.

  7. Still looks great on Stranger Things. Also, I see this kind of sentiment all over this subreddit... if you think a guy who looks like Chris, who's wealthy and has a bad boy streak to him, can't get hot women, I don't know what to tell you.

  8. I sometimes think of dial tones, modem connection noises, and the sound of static tv as being ‘endangered’ sounds, but I hadn’t even thought of this. I wonder if I’ll ever feel it again.

  9. This is simple and brief, but it works for me: it’s really not any of your business what people think about you.

  10. You can do that here…if you already have a load of money or a trust fund or something.

  11. I’m sympathetic to your view. I eat meat, though I believe for myriad reasons that I shouldn’t - I’m just weak. But I want to ask, ‘justified’ according to what?

  12. You make it seem like the meanings of ‘good’, ‘ethical’, and ‘moral’ are obvious.

  13. I’m going to use my AR-15 to shoot down an MQ-9 Reaper hunter-killer drone equipped with 500lb class Hellfire missiles.

  14. And i'm gonna use mine to pierce through the armor of a tank that has armor which I can't pierce

  15. Holy hell…I can’t believe that album was released 20 years ago. Christ I’m old.

  16. I want to suggest a reading rather than answer your question directly. I hope that’s ok. Marx deals with these arguments (and many more) in his very accessible work, Value, Price, Profit. I won’t say it’s mandatory reading for any leftist, but I do recommend it in the strongest possible terms.

  17. Why does everything have to have a purpose? The world is a jungle. And if you want my advice,

  18. On August 5, 1981, following the PATCO workers' refusal to return to work, the Reagan administration fired the 11,345 striking air traffic controllers who had ignored the order, and banned them from federal service for life.

  19. They also installed military trained air traffic controllers while they trained new workers. They can’t do that with the rail workers, though, because they don’t have anyone to readily replace them with. It would take months to train enough new rail workers to replace the current ones.

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