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  1. Actually don't think you can thinking about it. I've only just cognitively processed you can no longer watch nxt live in UK legally.

  2. This is dumb. The draft was dumb. And I can't wait for Game 7 so I don't have to watch this dumb shit. Just stop doing these stupid drafts if you don't care about them.

  3. I totally agree with you ! I’ve just seen ridiculous comments in this page about her. In some really outta pocket ways. I’m not saying this as an isolated comment or from an isolated incident.

  4. Surely your point on misogyny would be better served on an actual misogynistic post, if that's the case?

  5. OP defined an incredible and nuanced character exclusively by their gendered traits and made a summation that is highly debatable. It's misogynistic. Potentially not intentionally, but it still is.

  6. You're grasping at straws here. If someone were to make a post and call Kendal out for being a deadbeat dad, a selfish brother and a disappointment of a son, not one person in their right mind is going to say that's misandry, because it's not. No one's saying they are those things because of their gender per se, they are just quite literally those things.

  7. Take away that song and all you get from current Seth is dresses funny and work rate. Aj drips charisma.

  8. Mark walking up the ramp while slapping the shit out of everyone is an amazing potential meme format.

  9. I'm here for one last uncle Allen run. Honestly think papa haitch is gonna swerve us and AJ wins the thing.

  10. Wishful thinking but I think they just drafted The OC to Smackdown

  11. Wasn't the quote at the end "Bad times don't last but BAD GUYS do."?

  12. You could just threaten to sue them for your lost wages. It's likely they won't want to be bothered with the hassle and would just pay you for your shift. They definitely tried to scam some free labour out of you here.

  13. Trial shifts are unpaid for upto 2 hours, anything after that you're legally entitled to. They're not legally obliged to offer you a job but youre entitled to pay for anything after 2 hours.

  14. Do you have a source for that? I don’t think there is any sort of time limit on unpaid trial shifts as it depends entirely what the context of the work is. It could last an entire day in theory (although the employer would need to justify it was necessary in order to assess the worker).

  15. Ive been a pub manager for over a decade now, it's standard practice.

  16. Velveteen Dream had a co-sign from John Cena, was over with just about everybody who watched NXT...and then he got caught sexting with teenagers and recording his coworkers in the bathroom

  17. Pretty certain the phone thing was EC3 being a bigot and talking out his ass, and they were actually doing lines off said phone.

  18. Id love a proper UE reunion run but I fear it would fall flat on its face, similar to pretty much every shield reunion.

  19. man i support both teams, and i recommend everyone too does, this will make you enjoy the game even more

  20. Dolph is the other guy they always got as ppl’s first feud on main roster 😭

  21. I don't know how big stadiums would sell in America, but as an Brit, I knew straight away aew would do ridiculously well at Wembley because we're simply starved of major wrestling events this side of the pond. I suggested they could potentially sell out and got laughed at.

  22. Well that’s not going to happen since Wolverine is the most popular Marvel character after Spider-Man and is going to be in Deadpool

  23. This comment doesn’t make any sense. Wolverine is already the first Mutant in the MCU since he’s being introduced in Deadpool.

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