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  1. I am not a huge ink person, I have about 11 or 12 total and only about 3 of them being used regularly. Samples is a better idea than buying large bottles, but depends on the person.

  2. For me: the story behind it. All my pens are carefully selected from the very first one I ever bought. I only buy pens that have stories and history to them. Price, nibs, and popularity isn't relevant. I will buy a broken pen no problem if it has history, character and stories to tell.

  3. But that’s exactly what appeals to me about a brand new pen. The fact that it had no history and that I get to make my own history while using it

  4. To each their own. I will also buy a fountain brand new if it has a story behind it. It doesn't matter if it's brand new or old as time. It has to tell me something interesting, otherwise I won't distinguish it between a disposable water bottle or a pen.

  5. I don't care what the Mark man has to say. None of it matters. It is the conviction, unwavering, passion and lustful drive that is attractive. It could be the god honest truth or a bunch of bullshit dressed up in sugar.

  6. I think this is a Strawman out the wazoo. I could be wrong but it's what it looks like.

  7. Texting is for shy teens. If I'm interested I'm calling on the phone or FT, you're going on the schedule, I'm dropping by while "in the area", and more.

  8. It's wise to mistrust before trusting, but I'm not red pill. Mistrust is a neutral stance. You can't earn my trust and I won't give it to you, we create it together through organic progression of any subjective 'speed' relative to the individual, seems reasonable to me or am I looney?

  9. I scored 40, but I fought for it and still am! People died, people lost, people betrayed along the way, I wasn't advantaged just wouldn't take anything less. Started from the bottom now we here! I can toss any side of the coin and make something out of it.

  10. what is your favorite writing experience? My top 5 are Emperor Broad, Emperor Medium, the little Sailor 21 K Broad, M800 Salorino architect, and (yes, I am a plebe!) JoWo #6 Broad on my Ranga 5s.

  11. You must have large hands! The emperor is just too big of a pen and nib for me, a bit cartoony. I like to use it when no one is looking. I also tend to write small to medium side, so I feel they are better suited for big boys overall. Big broad handwriting, big broad hands, big everything. Now don't shoot me, but I really love how Nakaya writes to compared Namiki, but the preference is slight.

  12. Once I found the Emperors and the Rangas (95% of the experience for 5% of the price :) I found fountain-pen XXL nirvana. I knew about Sailors and Platinums (Nakayas), but never tried them because the pens are generally small and light and CC instead of eyedropper etc. I fell back into the rabbit hole when Sailor produced the Ebonite Sculpture ... big and heavy enough for me. I risked the money and was very pleasantly suprised. I had made expensive mistakes with the M1000 and the Pilot Custom Urushi, so I was actually kinda scared about the Sailor! But that Ebonite Sculpture is a keeper: immediately a top-5 pen for me. I got a hella deal on a Realo (piston fill), small and light, so contrary to pattern, I really loved it, and now I have two Sailors!

  13. I have thought about buying the PG Parisian Cocktail by sailor, but I don't know how often I would use it. I do enjoy the aesthetic but the nibs have not impressed me enough and a lot of sailor are a bit outside of my style. I wanted to like it.

  14. As a silly as this sounds, every girl I've ever been with has had a feeling of calm and stability when they have a load of my cum in them.

  15. ENTJ woman that likes to be pampered and laid out like a princess by big strong superior people.

  16. I've been using them so regularly and naturally I forget I'm using them and forget a lot of people don't know what the fuck they are! A guy at my always office just stares with a shocked face anytime I write something.

  17. It always baffles me when people have no idea what a fountain pen is. They’ve only been around forever! Most people just assume they’re calligraphy pens and I have to explain the difference.

  18. I'll take a newbie to a pen event with me just to innocently keep my company and let the event do all the work. They always leave with a pen.

  19. I have three inked atm. I use a 2 pen slot pen case to carry my two daily pens with me. I can only focus on a few at time, if I inked more than that I would still only use 2 at a time at most for months.

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