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  1. These kind of players typically don't have a weapon so they can't hurt you. Just be patient and wait for your spot. You should be able to dictate the points, so move them around without going for too much. There is no reason to lose your temper.

  2. This and honestly you can just hit junk balls back until they give you something you can smash. Slices and dropshots are a great thing to get good at and are a really good counter for junk balls

  3. I think it depends on how much spin you're trying to hit with. My serve is extremely flat with almost zero spin so I basically don't brush up on it. But my buddy hits with a ton of spin so the majority of his contact is that upwards brush, with the topspin bringing it down

  4. Yes. you have to fit 3 eighth notes in one beat. Similar to triplets when the beat is a quarter.

  5. My Xbox still turns on my TV, if that is whatever you are talking about. I have no idea what a HDMI cake is. 3D blu-ray? Nobody watches 3D movies since the 80s with those blue and red glasses you had to wear. It was a fad that died. Good riddance. 4k looks so much better than fuzzy 3D.

  6. I believe CEC stands for Consumer Electronics Control. Just means the console can control anything else with CEC. I've never been a fan of 4k, it makes all the green screen and visual effects really stand out and that just ruins the movie for me. Plus if it's done well, like Avatar, 3D is super fun

  7. Ok, well my Series X can turn on and off my TV. I know my One used to be able to turn the volume up and down with Cortana... but they got rid of all that neat stuff. I must have been one of the few who enjoyed the integration of TV into my xbox. I no longer have cable or satellite and i use Hulu live for TV, but I still watch on my xbox. I get notifications when friends log on, they can send party invites or even invite me to play a game while I'm watching TV. Then all it takes is holding the xbox button and I'm instantly switched from watching TV to playing a game. I have no idea why it is such a hated feature.

  8. Yeah, your TV is probably newer than mine and supports the new forms of control.

  9. Dang maybe they patched it out? The one s and x still have allow 3d check box

  10. Could you let me know? I don't have a series x yet, but I will probably hold off if it's not 3d capable

  11. Ok I just tried it and it worked great. Pretty frustrating the Series X doesn't have it as it's a much better console. Guess it's good to have both lol

  12. Yea, in our testing Pixel 7 barely matches the A.I. processing of iPhone 11. The Geekbench ML (NPU) benchmarks confirm this too.

  13. i think blu rays are region locked, but uhd blu rays are not so be aware of that!

  14. Oh that's interesting, tho I'd imagine it wouldn't come up on Amazon given I'm located in the US, worst case I send it back

  15. The overall image is fine, but the blacks seem a bit too dark, like there will be missing details. Or as some say "crushed" black

  16. Bose made a lot of great research and design for their products. Had some great innovation. It’s what got them their name. Now they just pump out standard crap at 3 times the price. They are fine but way way overpriced.

  17. You can either have good sunglasses, or budget sunglasses. Not both combined.

  18. Ok, but there can be good bad and bad bad. You could give me two different cookies and both will be gross, but one will still be better than the other

  19. You realize that, like, even silent movies from the 20s are higher “resolution” than 4K, right?

  20. Film is an analogue format that isn't resolved in terms of pixels, the amount of detail being determined, among other things, by the physical grain on the reel.

  21. Admiral Trench was one of my favorites, but he wasn't super relevant. So I'd just stick with the classic Tarkin

  22. Not worth anything, you should just let me take it off your hands so you don't have to deal with it

  23. My hands are the same size but oddly enough my left has a slightly bigger span. Even on piano, I can reach a 10th much easier than with my right. I'm sure it's just because the left hand plays octaves and chords more than the right so it's just more used to that

  24. Unpopular opinion it seems, but FOR ME it looks ugly.

  25. I have to say that that clone wars poster looks like a bad porno parody. Ahsoka especially

  26. Or Padme, or shirt colors almost look inverted where only the top half has a shirt

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