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  1. Personally, I much rather us have both died from the E. coli infection instead of being rushed to an OR, having my abdominal wall cut through, and my baby removed. Oh, wait. No I wouldn’t.

  2. You know what else makes breastfeeding hard? Losing your baby in childbirth because of no medical intervention.

  3. My concern is that what this guy did is borderline criminal. He was completely sober and got her shit faced drunk and took advantage of her

  4. So, you two had issues, she went and got plastered with another dude, they kissed (let's pretend I believe that's only what happened), then came home to you where you guys argued but you don't mention she was visible intoxicated and you want to believe she has no fault in it?

  5. Read my comment I just made for a little more info but when she got home I did ask her if she had been drinking because she was acting how she does all whiny when she's drunk but she said no. She played it off good this time but when we were talking today she said she don't know how she made it home. But it makes sense that she was drunk because we would end an argument and two minutes would start it right back up. She's very argumentative when she drinks

  6. Then I reiterate my last paragraph. He's a predator so report him to the police. Lack of consent due to intoxication is well documented in the law and her own text messages, in your words, support her story. Report him because if he's a predator, its not just about her but about everyone woman after her.

  7. So you know how you can give a dog a bone and they want nothing to do with it until another dog comes around who wants it and then it's the best thing ever? Well in this story you're the bone, she didn't want you until she found out someone else did.

  8. Can I do a nickname? Ali but I would spell it Allie. I would take it a step further and go with Allie Grace. I think that's beautiful together.

  9. The Farrah hate isn't slut shaming, I am aware that her fellow cast mates took issue with her doing porn, but on this sub and other TM subs, people are largely supportive of her chosen line of work, provided she leaves her daughter out of it. The hate for Farrah comes from her attitude and blatant abusive behavior to everyone around her. She's an abusive asshole and that's why she's hated, most people don't give a shit about her porn career.

  10. As the mother of all boys (4), I can, without a doubt tell you that sex was how I got each of them. For me it was an exact science.

  11. Before walking out the door she needs to tell him that when he can endure labor and give birth himself then he can puck his birth plan.

  12. My favorite is Margo and I agree with the others who prefer the spelling Margot.

  13. My kids are 194 months, 210 months and 268 months. Doesn't everyone refer to theirs that way?

  14. The jenelle hate in this group runs strong 😅 Amber literally doesn’t have custody of either of her children lol

  15. Which means at least Amber realizes she's a shit mother and doesn't force her toxicity on her children unlike Jenelle. Jenelle has lost custody temporarily and fought to get them back to neglect and abuse her children. Amber just let's hers go. It takes a special kind of piece of shit to fight to inflict damage on your children.

  16. Given her spelling of allowed as aloud, I'm not surprised that the names themselves are a train wreck.

  17. Let me preface this with, I'm old. Do some of the pictures of her kids look like they're filtered to anyone but me?

  18. They are all filtered, it's an atrocity for so many damn reasons..

  19. I struggle to fathom the level of stupidity it takes to turn to Facebook for answers to serious medical issues over a doctor/hospital.

  20. I'm shit at knowing if something is worth a doctor visit or going to the ER. I'm always scared to bother some very busy doctors for something minor or "you just slept weird".

  21. General rule of thumb, you'll never sleep in a way that mimics a stroke head to toe. That constellation of symptoms is a go to the hospital immediately without question.

  22. I think your friends and family are weird not you. My husband and I have the same age gap, no one bats an eye about it.

  23. Do they normally ask if a client is single? I’m not sure as I haven’t been to many tattoo artists😅

  24. Every time I've been to a new artist that's been a question I've been asked.

  25. Us older generations listened to Metallica on cassette tapes. “We ArE nOt ThE sAmE” 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️

  26. Why would you stay with a man who can't stand his child around him?

  27. Exactly what I was thinking. I could not imagine my husband telling me to get rid of our baby every weekend, I’d tell him to go get a hotel and start looking for a place to go.

  28. My ex-husband was a lot like that. Emphasis on ex. My child is in his 20s now and we haven't seen or talked to him in a very long time.

  29. How was this not an issue prior to the baby? Like, how were they not disgusted with dog jizz on the floors before that? Kids or no kids, if my dog is jizzing all over the floors I'm going to be looking for a fix ASAP.

  30. How do you do it? Let them grow up. There's my magic trick to get them to sleep through the night.

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