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  1. Agreed at least someone finally found a use for it.

  2. Don't do it or you'll get more morons like this one!

  3. That skeletor prime boy better take a vacation for the rest of the year before I stop telling myself he's just doing his job.

  4. Fall enthusiast and I fight Summer fans for entertainment

  5. Did you mean you hunt them for sport? Becouse Fight sounds like it would be a challenge.

  6. Exactly because some of us don't have the money to just move to Alaska or the forking north Pole.

  7. Without guns I can't even spot the difference between an American and a German by looking alone.

  8. Uh. . .so if a black German and a Chinese American were side by side you couldn't tell the difference?

  9. I mean If we take the average male or female of the same color i could not tell the difference in the case of white people I'm the same.

  10. Only if the one referring to them is not a Hulk in case he is one we Hulk is technically correct.

  11. A kid is a baby goat, he is doing what is natural for his species

  12. Nah he's the kid of a vampire that stole his rivals dead Body by attaching his head to it.

  13. 1: no shadow is not always the case.

  14. That scene did add to making them human. This screams "were hip and with it fellow kids" pandering to me.

  15. It hurts my nearly 30 year old boomer eyes.

  16. Yeah people were arguing about whether or not you should judge a post credit scene on other forums.

  17. Imo you should at least partly judge a post credit because most times they are used to either establish lore or connection to the next Movie / Episode , so this just feels like a gag reel or fail take wich makes great bonus content on the DVD, Blue Ray or extra episodes but a bad post credit Scene.

  18. To reverse an older meme. "no.... But actually YES!"

  19. In my restless dreams, I see that town.

  20. Silent Dill...... I I mean Hill.

  21. This is why you have pie and coffee before you hook up.

  22. The darker one's label looks like the clementine flavor with orange posted over it or some kind of mix it your self concentrated stuff .

  23. OK for real though anyone has a guess what coused this?

  24. Look I have seen hoods crumble into rusty dust or break off at the hinges never this shit though.

  25. Probably either the N Word or something that sounds like a thing from his Books.

  26. You don't know about Five Nights at Freddie's?

  27. When you want others to say that you are valid (that you matter) but in this case the app was waiting for my bank card to validate (prove that it’s real)

  28. I have news: Tried to call my Dad still hasn't found Milk it seems, Mom is fuck knows where, then I tried Grandma some Dude named Baguhl answered apparently contacting the afterlife is a no go, so I tried Grandpa turns out Gravestones do not talk so....... Did not go so well.

  29. Silver lining I either made a demonic friend or he wants my soul either way shits gonna be funny cause either we'll have a buddy Cop dynamic or it's gonna be hilarious when he finds out I sold my soul to Riot games.

  30. Well let's put it like this :"I was a chick in the 40s I hate everyone equally and there is no one alive who could comprehend my sexual preference."

  31. HOOOOOOO! Is this a Calculator?

  32. That never stopped stupid people from canceling things before.

  33. Something that never happend is hard to prove. Also canceling only ever happens as a reaction….

  34. To some moron taking obvious satire at face value?

  35. They have chosen........... DEATH!

  36. Fuck. Sometimes I forget that I'm Old then stuff like this hits.

  37. I believe this is called a very Vocal minority probably the smallest percentage cares enough about the wrong things to harass someone, sadly that is also the loudest part of our/the Star Wars community.

  38. DC fans just have to enjoy what little good content they can get meanwhile the Marvel Movie's are average at worst.

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