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AITA for being a picky eater at Friendsgiving?

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  1. If you are wondering if something is AI generated, zoom in and look at the details. Example if you zoom on the cats nose, it’s just a blub of fur.

  2. Not gonna lie it's still tough for me to discern that this image was AI generated... thanks for pointing this out.

  3. I feel you. I stared at it for 30 seconds thinking no way it’s AI why are they accusing this dude over nothing. But then I zoomed in and voila :0

  4. I do cross stitch embroidery. The entire thing is a struggle and yet it’s my favorite thing to do

  5. I laugh fucking every time I read that story. Stan Jean and Jorts for life.

  6. I would have forced my way inside to get my cat, this poor person. Glad Cheese got home safely

  7. It will be a trend for a few months because of TikTok and the it will die down until there are just a few people doing it. There isn’t money to be made in fanfiction so it’s not gonna be a target for people unlike actual publishing I think

  8. Id rather die than write in my native language. It sounds horrible, like a pure hillbilly goofy hybrid and I cringe so hard when I even try

  9. I’ve desperately been craving to know the thoughts that went through Kenyas head that assured her this was a good idea

  10. Bruh I’m super picky eater but if I arrive at a place where I’m not sure I can’t eat anything u better believe I’ll pretend I’m living the dream. I hate salad with a burning passion and when it was the only thing my friends mom served u would have thought I was the salad king.

  11. Yta. Obviously. I’m a picky eater. If you can’t eat what they serve, bring your own stuff. She got you pizza, if u wanted more, bring more.

  12. The constant hate. Shootings, death threats, law changes. I just want to get a wife and a cat and be happy. Now I’m wondering if I’ll even be allowed to get married in a few years.

  13. Imo don’t. Just move on unless they bring it up, you don’t have to explain yourself and they don’t have to get it/want to get it. To each their own and all that.

  14. I take month long breaks between chapters and start new projects constantly. I have like 7 different fics I’m writing right now, two which are out. I can write and focus if I take meds but I don’t like them so I’m kinda rawdogging adhd.

  15. I like to eat them in the bath while watching YouTube. It’s very relaxing

  16. So fucking excited to go and hang out there after the new update. That and performing genocide of the local siren population

  17. Definitely 2ha by meatbun. Its the definition of “problematic” (which is why I love it lol)

  18. My mom was the same at that age, even before I was out. I think it’s their weird straight person way of dealing with the fact their own kids are growing up and they now have to start to live in a world were they aren’t needed the same way. It’s not about you technically, it’s just the fact that their identity as a parent is changing.

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