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18 year old HS student says he’s not feeling well and can’t play kickball, Student Resource Officer arrives and student is now facing multiple charges after being arrested and pepper sprayed

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  1. They violate other people’s boundaries and refuse to respect them, even when repeatedly asked to. They wven laugh at the idea, like other people’s boundaries are absurd. Yet of course, they have their own they expect to be respected.

  2. YMCA London has a bunch of new membership packages and are much more competitive post-COVID. They also offer financial assistance (discount) if your income is below a certain amount.

  3. How’s parking? Is it safe around the YMCA as well?

  4. The Rookie. I couldn’t stomach the season premier. It was a good show for the first couple seasons.

  5. What happened at the end? Did the tongueless freed prisoners set fire to the castle?

  6. Is it a coincidence that Rhayenera and her family were leaving the same night? Are they going to be blamed? They didn’t seem surprised? I was so confused.

  7. You need to take the gym to small claims court.

  8. Thanks! They aren’t bankrupt, they closed this location but still run locations in other cities.

  9. Old North Optometry has full on covid precautions still, masks, hand washing upon entry.

  10. Can’t see on the white car, but otherwise, clearly sunroofs = sinkhole

  11. Thank you for your concern. I do correct the nips and the first time I tell her “down” she stops all energy and lays down. She is definitely protective of me and I watch that, especially around him. I work from home so I spend time every day training her and occasionally I take her to a professional for one on ones about bigger issues. I’m definitely not just rewarding her for protective behaviors even though it sounded like it from my post so I think that’s where a lot of confusion and concern came from. I appreciate all the care from everyone though 🥰

  12. Try Oak West Animal Clinic - they’ve been wonderful with my cat and took her on as a patient only a couple months ago.

  13. Beautiful! What are those hot pink flowers? I’d love to add some to my garden next spring.

  14. Ignore the mean people shit talking. That is not supposed to be the spirit of this sub. It’s your space, it’s cozy AF and thank you for sharing!

  15. Not feeling good about the foreshadowing around Gus’s constituent

  16. I was waiting for him to bean Gus with paperweight! Gus is really naive in how he’s dealing with that guy.

  17. And not just the cuck, but also the junior in that relationship -- her wife is apparently older than her and a lot more seasoned. So that shitcake has several layers and they all hit Yas like a garbage truck one after another in the span of a minute or two, it was beautiful to watch.

  18. Also the orgasms were epic for Yas and likely the sex was average for Celeste. Not surprising in a relationship like this where one person is usually hetero. Maybe Yas can come out of this mess with a mission to explore her bisexuality (while unemployed, lol).

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