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  1. I had a similar sized fibroid (10 cm) and my surgeon was able to remove it and everything else laprascopically. It took her 2 hours, but she did it. They can chop it up (morcelation). Is it possible for you to get a second opinion?

  2. Meant to say Daisy is only 6 months old, cutest thing in the world. A third Australian Cattle Dog, a third Pitbull and boxer and then a smorgasbord of other stuff

  3. Her stride shows she means business! Awesome doggo

  4. Did you stake yours? Mine is newly planted and it’s in the shade, so I’m not sure how leggy it’s going to get. Yours appears to be in full sun.

  5. I didn’t stake it, no. It is in full sun and seems to be loving it!

  6. Sophie is beautiful! I like that her tail matches the elephant’s trunk.

  7. That’s a sweet little garden space! I live in an apartment with community gardens. 5 dpo. I take the elevator down and sit out there for awhile most days. A neighbor loaned me a walker, which is helpful because I can sit down whenever I need to. After a bit I need to get inside and horizontal again though.

  8. That makes so much more sense. I thought the white woman in the photo was Sam!!

  9. Thanks! Wonderful to have a female surgeon- those words wouldn’t have sounded right from a man, lol.

  10. Maybe let your doctor know if it persists. The one thing my doctor said was I had to call him if I had nausea or bleeding.

  11. Thanks! Today was a holiday in Canada but tomorrow everything's open again and I'll give them a call.

  12. Keep an eye out for fever. Likely your body is just processing the trauma. Don’t panic. If other things start to happen you’ll know if it’s time to call doctor or go to ER. Looking back at my timeline I was feeling generally cruddy and by day 4 my big note was “laughing hurts”.

  13. Thanks! I've been taking my temp and so far so good. I think it's the gas still maybe? I've been able to go to the bathroom (#2) since yesterday, and that went really well today all things considered.

  14. What kind of wildlife? Birds or bunnies or deer or skunks or?

  15. Love your snug kitty in their cozy bed! I also favor this color palette.

  16. It happens sometimes. I’ll be super busy and then the stars will align and all my projects wrap up suddenly.

  17. Lurking and curious what a SOP is? Statement of Purpose?

  18. Hey sorry, I should know better than using acronyms. Standard Operating Procedure. Basically a step-by-step guide for doing a task.

  19. Get outta here with that pink couch and mustard yellow afghan! Love! 😍

  20. It's rotting, you'll have to cut above the rot and propagate it, otherwise the rot will just spread

  21. We've all seen the House episode. This is not a good thing. We have pain receptors for a reason.

  22. Curiously watching as House cuts her stomach open and pulls out a 25 ft tapeworm.

  23. Sometimes I think Aww is the weirdest subreddit going

  24. Many men hate women and desire sex with women at the same time. Take away the desire, and only the hatred is left.

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