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My aunt in her bedroom ca. 1995

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What is the worst thing about being skinny?

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  1. I thought I was obsessed but I was mildly interested compared to the hero who compiled this

  2. I moved up a category since the last time I did this quiz :)

  3. If you are looking for a vet for cats, I have nothing but nice things to say about Central Cat Hospital on Adelaide. They aren't judgy about what brand of food you feed your cats (just follow a mostly soft food diet) and I have never felt pressured to have procedures or tests done that weren't absolutely necessary or financially possible. You can tell everyone there really loves cats! I feel like they're patient with my questions and I am never rushed or stressed to go there.

  4. I had a terrible experience there. The vet was rude, assumptive, and disrespectful. My cat is doing wonderfully now after finding a better vet.

  5. (That said, I’m happy for those of you who’ve had good experiences. It’s important for our cats that we find vets we feel we can trust to care for them.)

  6. Queer events and awol - depending on your age, you may find meetups here

  7. I was curious about Eden who Katya mentions so often on the pod.

  8. Technically it’s a donkeys tail :) also sedum morganianum, but a different variety. The leaves have a different shape and it’s more fragile than burros tail.

  9. Oh, thank you! I love it so much - it lost a lot of leaves when I transplanted it, but I’m going to try not to touch those delicate leaves any more than I have to.

  10. I’ve been asking around trying to get a consensus. Most advice I’ve gotten is 2 weeks, but everyone seems to have their own number. Either way, longer is safer than shorter! Your plants are BEAUTIFUL by the way :)

  11. It’s not to do with Scene. The outage is nationwide and Atlantic Canada has had scene for months

  12. My neighbour’s lettuce is still growing nicely!

  13. Thugs back of house sounds about right in my experience in the industry

  14. I haven’t had good shawarma since moving away

  15. It was hilarious! On another point, Katya’s outfit looks so much like a union suit to me 😂

  16. I don't understand. Why is it only No Name brand? Their other store brand, PC products should also be 'frozen' as they are both under their power to reduce these prices. Their No Name butter shot up to $6.49 just a dime under the major competition. I smell an ad campaign disguised as a feel good doing something for community story. They even had it on the news this morning. Free advertising on a national level. Sickening. Go to Costco where butter from a major brand is $4.69

  17. Agree. Shame on CBC and others for reporting on this bs

  18. They refunded to my credit card after I contacted them by email.

  19. If someone tried that with my partner, who's very skinny, I'd be facing murder charges.

  20. Yep, happened to me when I was skinny. Picked me up and carried me across the dance floor. I laughed it off but I was frightened.

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