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  1. I'm kind of on the fence. Not sure, tbh. I did the test twice (I know it doesn't always give the right results but I was checking) and it gave me the result: EII-Fi.

  2. I don't get the macguffin analogy, but I believe you have a good point with your subsequent reasoning.

  3. People really need to get into Jung's work. I think most of the mistypes will end there, because Ni types (or dominant Ni-users) are usually oddities by societal standards and aren't as angelic as they seem. Of course, there are good things, but there are some glaringly not good things.

  4. love love love this song. although i think it sounds fresher and more poignant with the incredibly light production of the original, this "stripper" version does sound really nice.

  5. I found the stripped one first, then I listened to the original later. Both were beautiful to me, but the laid-back mix sounds a little better because you can hear Mariah's voice more clearly along with the harmonies.

  6. There’s a slight resemblance to Petals in the chorus. Something about the melody feels very close. Almost like she may have written around the same time.

  7. The resemblance may be because of the overarching theme that of intimacy (Petals is about a broken family, Twister is about a lost friend). The simplistic and stripped instrumentation that both of them have really feeds into the rawness of the tracks, but Twister is much more stripped back. The harmonies in both are weaved in really well.

  8. actually the main reason I think I might not be an ISTP is that they r shown to be active and do things whereas I just think abt things and don't do much (just sit and laze around all day. Like I am seriously confused by questions that ask "do u leave ur projects half finished" or memes about ISTPs building things. like wtf do ppl actually try to build their ideas? [or is it just a stereotype?] )

  9. Not all of those are true, some are stereotypes. Of course, there are tendencies to each type.

  10. I can't see Audrey objectively, she's the celebrity I've been compared to the most. Has nothing to do with looks, it's a skinnyness thing.

  11. Sorry to hear what you went through; that seems terrible. And yes, I do think by Kibbe's standards and the system he's set in place, she's an FG.

  12. I thought she was a flamboyant gamine. She's like the poster child of FGs, I thought.

  13. That's Liza Minnelli, but Audrey is important in the FG bubble. Many people think she's a Dramatic because of the yang features on her body, some thinks she's a Dramatic Classic. Her height is also a point of contention.

  14. Say, you're learning a language. Immerse yourself in the culture, the nuances of the language. Ni works on immersion, so you must constantly surround yourself with the information (build interest and depth) in order to perceive it better- because clarity comes from a place of deep understanding.

  15. Hey, this is a process. It's not meant a be-all end-all for anything. Because learning and growing is a process. Focus on how you can be a well-rounded individual. You don't have to compromise what you feel for what you think is right. Learn how to balance, be tactful and truthful. Wishing you the best!

  16. Melt Away easily wins - her voice was buttery , smooth , soft , whimsical , almost fairy like . She sounded like cotton candy if it had a sound .

  17. One of my favourites off the album next to UTS. She sounds brilliant😍

  18. The Wind for sure but it’s not on the debut album, it’s on Emotions

  19. Sorry, I did know that, but I was trying to picture the vocals in terms of when they were recorded, rather than released. Vocally, the two eras are almost similar, except the end of the Emotions era, when her tone gets lighter.

  20. Joe's charm is his mystique. That's the intrigue, the fascination behind his alluring nature. To me, he's a boy who's been abandoned and struggling with bad parenting issues, using his obsessive nature as his way of coping in the world.

  21. The writers actually mentioned that they meant for a serious, contemplative protagonist, who considered all points of view and was trying to bring the whole conflict between the two sides to a closure. He basically went on this whole game trying to kill Charles Lee in revenge for burning down his village (Fi-Si).

  22. Haytham is one of my favourite characters, but I really have a soft spot for Connor. That said, the guy is a beast in combat. If you were to accidentally run into any of the assassins from the franchise, you'd best hope it isn't this guy💀

  23. This show did it really well. They didn't make the antagonists overly cheesy and depict the men as insolent or unwise. Every character felt real and we could relate to them- be it through their strengths or their weaknesses.

  24. Next to Underneath the Stars, it's my favourite track from her. The beautiful pacing of the song combined with a chill beat and Mariah's velvety vocals is a standout. How this of all songs didn't make it into the album is still a wonder to me.

  25. I'm not sure if it is, but this is the case for me. I don't usually click with people my age at all. It's usually a generation older or a generation younger. If I had to throw a 10 second reasoning on that for myself, it's prolly because with people my age, there's usually some sort of power dynamic that needs to work itself out and I don't care to be competitive in things that don't matter. With the older generations, I can usually take more of a learning/supportive role in the dynamic, and with the younger generation, I can usually take more of a leader/supportive role.

  26. This really hits home- this is exactly what I've been doing.

  27. Well a few reasons. A huge part is mistyping, but it's mostly because intuitives and sensors aren't really that different. In fact, a lot of types aren't too different from each other! Unless they're polar opposites of course then you'll obviously see a discrepancy. But say INTJ and ISTJ, not all that different on the surface. Hell, even ISTJ and ISFP can look similar at times.

  28. I'm young (17) and I totally understand. It's only after watching multiple videos and going on to learn Jungian functions that I discovered my type for what it actually was.

  29. The well keeps getting deeper with different theories and shit too. It can get really convoluted

  30. Agreed! Especially with the whole mysticism regarding intuitive types.

  31. She has a video for every obstacle and pitfall i’ve faced in life, where every line she speaks is exactly what happened. Crazy how relatable it all is

  32. Ikr! She always seems to be on point with her videos- whenever you think about it, the next video will be about the exact thing you were thinking about.

  33. I'm not an INFJ, but have watched many of Wenzes videos in the past to learn about my INFJ partner and friends. I found her content was thoughtful and informative. She has been doing this for many years so you have lots of videos to dig through. She is German and has greatly improved her language skills and video production over the years. Yes she's monetized her Epic Life program, but I didn't spend a dime and learned a lot from her. I think the paid programs are geared towards helping younger and more immature INFJs.

  34. This is so well-put. Thanks for commenting, I'm so glad to see that you and your partner are doing well!

  35. You see this is my point. Some random guy makes a video and everyone takes his points as factual. I disagree with it and will go along with the theory that the most masculine function is the most common for men and the most feminine function is the most common for women. Which is why those functions are following the genders.

  36. It doesn't bother me if people have a different opinion- because we can never truly know anything for sure when it comes to the mind. MBTI or Jung's works even can't fully explain how the mind works.

  37. Yeah I get the point he's trying to make but I disagree with it and will base it on commonality.

  38. Fair enough. We don't have to agree, you are entirely entitled to your opinion. I was just sharing a system that I was familiar with so people can know about it.

  39. Transitioning? Fluidly moving between notes is called melisma (on the same word/sound) but moving between registers is just called 'transitioning' or 'shifting' into the said register.

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