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  1. Put a bit of danish oil on the stock it will look beautiful

  2. RLO or Tung oil. No reason to do anything else.

  3. Good chance it’s lax rule enforcement. I’m guessing heads will roll at the local FAA office.

  4. No…this is common at many airshows.

  5. I drove there on Tuesday and they were there.

  6. Glad the beltway is getting a feature here!

  7. There’s shootings, stabbings, car jackings and even bank robberies. It’s not normal. When you’re comparing silver spring to Baltimore of course crime is “low” lol

  8. The level Americans normalize and become complacent with violence, random or not, is astounding and sad.

  9. Okinawa is a perfect example of what would’ve happened on the mainland, using school children as weapons and many other bad things.

  10. I don’t think it’s a perfect example, per say. Okinawa was not considered mainland Japan and Okinawans were treated as a second-rate citizenry.

  11. BLO is never good, at least not the modern kind. Tung is not correct for this but overall Tung is a fine finish for something like a Garand.

  12. In some cases that's true, but its frankensteinish half-public, half-private status also means there are lots of weird, confusing, and arbitrary rules about what you can and can't double-major in.

  13. Certain schools are state-funded like CALS. However, it’s really not confusing and I’ve never heard of anyone having problems with taking classes across schools. Dual-degreeing is no longer offered but I met one person who did that in four years.

  14. Where did you get your bayonet, I've been looking for one that's not a 100+ dollars

  15. How would this work exactly with hockey?

  16. Facebook has always been pretty reliable, there should be a few FB groups for this. Or even just ask your friends, more than likely someone is in a similar boat.

  17. Stop messing around with DP rifles.

  18. I really wouldn’t fret too much. I did History and supplemented it with Government, and I found a job fine. Would it be easier to find a job with a higher starting salary with a STEM degree? Sure. But it’s going to take me just a year or two to start making a comparable salary to people in STEM. And best of all? I enjoyed my majors immensely and wouldn’t do college any other way.

  19. What industry do you work in ? Or like what is your job ? This gives me some hope

  20. Technically possible but definitely not recommended. They will honestly prob deny you when you try to transfer as they prob know the pattern of people who attempt this.

  21. To find the real gems, you gotta put in the leg work and really keep an eye out.

  22. Comets ≠ meteors. Comets don’t visibly move in the night sky. Probably a nice meteor if it had a tail, otherwise I would’ve said an iridium flare.

  23. I could care less about, “buying early”. Still a great investment or at minimum a store of value in turbulent financial times. What kills me is all the fakes. The entire collecting universe is filled with them and I always thought that if I stayed in my lane and educated myself I wouldn’t get bit. We are at the point now that the fakers are just as educated and it takes an unbelievably critical eye to pick some out. In my 30 year collection I have 3 fake rifles. An SVT-40 sniper, a Swedish Mauser carbine and a Japanese T38 carbine. All of these I purchased within the last 10 years where all of my experience, reading of my vast collectors book library and personal paranoia still did not keep me from making these mistakes. The subtleties are so fine that even for me it took extended handling and tear down at home to come to the realization that I’d been screwed. I fear for any newer collector starting out. I wish there was a way to band together to bring fraud charges against anyone passing off the fakes but it will never happen and if it did, how many innocents who were hosed themselves and don’t know what they have would be caught in it? Stay safe out there!

  24. How were the swede and arisaka faked?

  25. Those two are hard to get duped on. Mismatched maybe but who’s making a fake. SVT-40 Sniper isn’t fake it’s just not a sniper serial numbers can most times tell you a lot. Mislabeled I can agree with that 100 percent

  26. Yeah I don’t think people are faking full rifles lol. There’s nothing to wake on the Swede or Arisaka anyways.

  27. Believe it or not, straight to jail.

  28. Ah yes, leave the keys in the car overnight. What could possibly go wrong.

  29. Where does it say that the DoD has contracts with them

  30. Shocking considering their terrible QC. Then again, they prob play fast and loose with the civ market more.

  31. Lmao at the guy saying that the serials were added later because they’re “English numbers”. The lack of knowledge and confidence of some people amaze me.

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