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  1. You should definitely watch the muzzle burn painting technique for the plasma barrel. It always sells that your plasma gun is a very hot weapon

  2. Fantastic work, really love your basing too

  3. They look so good! Especially love the colors you chose for the coat. If you dont mind sharing, I would love to know what colors you used for that. Beautiful work!

  4. This looks absolutely stunning!!! Great job with the highlighting and that phenomenal basing!

  5. I’ve ground many a Sentinel to dust under a flurry of Berzerker Chainaxes, but this is one I’d be glad to call my foe. Absolutely love the edge highlighting, it’s sharp and even. Great color on the Plasma Cannon and just a wonderful, crisp scheme over all. Well painted!

  6. Haha thank you! I'm glad your berserkers would be happy to face off against this guy!

  7. I've been using absinthe for green glowy bits and redrum for my KT Necrons. Looking to use let them eat cake or dark net for my KT Tyranids. Been happy with them too. Nice Work!

  8. I love this. Steel legion is one of my favorite Guard armies. I am praying for GW to release plastic kits again one day. You did some phenominal work here!! Would love to know the different bits used to put these together!

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