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  1. Got himeko LC on like 84 pity on standard💀 I don't need it since my erudition characters are set...

  2. of course. im just saying 100% success rate on the highest effect res enemies in the game is far beyond reliable application it's literally the best case you can get lol

  3. Wasn’t there a leak saying it would have

  4. only makes sense for the hydro archon to have the most drip

  5. Can't wait to see Fontaine's naval power projection

  6. Don't speak too soon. Penalcony is the world of festivities. There's a good chance that they're going to mesh a lot of different characters into that world from different ones, so the JP themed chara's, the IPC ones, the butler one and Dr. Ratio from Himeko's world

  7. Also in one of the memory bubbles in hss, there is one about penacony where there is a man from there called Renoir. this is a french name, and given the recent leaks from mero about world 3 being french/america inspired (basically fontaine) it's something to note.

  8. Please respond to this comment with the source if not already provided within 30 minutes. Failure to do so will result in post removal.

  9. I see some potential hexanexus locations, so I like this map.

  10. nice i was waiting for this. good to have everything documented, including beta stuff, in one website

  11. why is that telegram server called reddit lmao

  12. please upload this to a hosting site like streamable and post the link instead

  13. Choose path of the hunt and let Lan lead the way

  14. Please respond to this comment with the source if not already provided within 30 minutes. Failure to do so will result in post removal.

  15. Constellations in the night sky in HSR, Eidolons in genshin... Whatever will they come up with next

  16. they also used curios in the recent sorush event

  17. please upload this to a 3rd party hosting site such as streamable, and post the link instead.

  18. they should be forced to find a new ground before next season or have to relinquish their spot. unacceptable for premier league standard.

  19. They just need a 10 million outlay for the stadium. It's perfectly fine otherwise. We've had small stadiums in the PL before.

  20. you're joking right? in this modern era of the premier league, no stadium has been this decrepit. and 10m alone isn't fixing that.

  21. up to you. i guess you can keep it up still because affinity posted it separately and since a lot of people won't read the blade post fully

  22. Definitely sus. I badly need to know who's in that coffin. And also if these two will meet in 1.1 or 1.2.

  23. My prediction it is Vanira or Safina (from the Crown of Purity palace relic set lore). If you read the relic set lore and then read luocha character story it is heavily implied luocha is from there. I think Vanira and safina may be the kallen and eleanor from hi3. And luocha with his visual connection to otto from hi3, it makes sense he comes from a church in the same way otto was the son of a bishop

  24. Wait, when did they admit they fucked up Luofu's storyline?

  25. That's literally impossible isn't it? HHW has main story related achievements. Sure they're censored but they're there.

  26. yeah i guess this overview just missed it since they didn't explicitly mention anything about the main story in the stream

  27. Am i only one thats happy those sets were fake? Didnt look interesting or fun to me especially since one of them is supposed to be the archons set

  28. With all of the leaks today, what / who are you most excited for?

  29. i guess focalors still. foca sig leak has me apprehensive. but an archon is still an archon so i'm still looking forward to what she does and her animations.

  30. Whats that? Is that the idea that those buying Welkins already wouldn't actually buy the skins because of saved up crystals that it wouldn't increase sales enough to make it worth it? Because thats totally what i'm doing and yet i've only liked the Keqing skin enough to do it.

  31. it means skin releases and prices line up with welkin crystal income

  32. It's funny you linked the first one in this reply as the creator of the initial one you linked said the first one in the reply is incorrect.

  33. With how buggy and broken the PC and mobile versions are, I can't imagine this going well.

  34. 1.generally games are much better optimised for console, especially ps5, then pc and mobile. since there is only one console to optimise for.

  35. Also im not sure whether did anyone mention this but Hoyo pushed a IRL TCG competition in China with price pool currently recruting for competitor lol.

  36. They did one in USA too but smaller scale

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