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  1. When I use it, the flavour is so strong that it overtakes the other flavours. Don't use too much and good luck

  2. What flavor does it give? I have one person who can’t eat anything spicy. Is it like paprika? How do Chileans use it?

  3. It's a stronger flavour as it's smoked, it is also more spicy than paprika

  4. Anyone can look Brazilian, we are very diverse. However my first guess would be that you look Indian or Middleastern

  5. True, but there’s a vibe. I lived in Brasil so long i can kind of tell. I feel most people are more fashionable in Brazil. I have seen lots of TikTok’s on brasilians first impressions abroad when they see foreigners wearing pajamas to the super market.

  6. People are very friendly, down to earth. However, like any other city don’t be flashy don’t make yourself a target

  7. Some of the best advice I can give after 40 years of Great Lakes and now Saltwater Fishing is to explore, and be watchful...

  8. Awesome, how do you read a river to see if it’s worth it? Some of the OGs say they can look and tell you if it’s worth fishing or better go back home

  9. I am always looking for clear water, structured banks, gravel beds, slate edges... and water Temps to match the range of my quarries preferred temps

  10. So then do you bring equipment before hand to know all this? I have a few places other times we will go to an area a friend is from in the state

  11. Also it seems you might have gone through this process before. Can you give a possible idea of the best plan she should do?

  12. Young females traveling by themselves is always going to get extra attention. Even the less young ones.

  13. So should she say she is going to visit me? They don’t give any feedback when your visa is rejected.

  14. This can never be reversed? Wouldn’t increasing interest rates combat this?

  15. Well it depends, to me he is just a coach who earns more money selling people lessons on how to become rich than investing and businesses.

  16. Lol 🤣, but was he a business person to begin with and moved to coaching. It always is suspicious those business coaches.

  17. I live in Belgium and I rent a place in Brazil... well unless you plan to keep the place and just lets say reduce the cost of a closed place, it can get a little complex.

  18. To do it all on your own is that difficult in Brazil?

  19. Well depends... usually no but if you find a bad tenant it can be a headache. I rented by myself for some time and on general it was fine... but the a bad tenant came during covid and it became kind of messed she refused to pay, her parents (co signers) refused to pay and she decided to leave without telling me...

  20. How can you tell if someone is a bad tenant in Brazil? There are some signs here in America. Usually a family renting is a good sign.

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