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  1. It was the most amazing arrest ever! People are saying the greatest.

  2. Mario cheating off left D to score the game winner with 13 seconds left in game 1 of the 92 cup finals. I was in the building and it is the single greatest sports fan moment of my life. Still gets me amped.

  3. Bad luck to only have 3 goals after 2 periods the way they were playing. Pure skill by Malkin to steal the puck and bury it.

  4. G. Max Richter - though I voted for Hans

  5. Never heard of them but sorry to see them go

  6. Yeah but Sam's JP impression better than everybody's

  7. I don't agree with it, but I understand it. Great coached team doesn't fall into a 0-4 hole to begin with.

  8. Even Scottie Bowman got destroyed in games in his career, including in the Stanley cup. What the hell are you talking about?

  9. Wow, what an appropriate and even-tempered response.

  10. Nah see what you said was great coach teams don't fall four goals down and I'm saying they having a past and they will in the future.

  11. Now what is this douche bag saying?

  12. Lol you're talking to Pittsburgh fans.

  13. Not sure if this is even in the OST. Maybe a diff version done by someone else?

  14. Prob our defensive coordinator in 6 to 8 years

  15. They really think a bunch of middle aged men are excited for Rhianna? Give me Muse next year ffs

  16. Please people, if you're poor and dumb, join the military. So the rich may pursue their dreams while you sacrafice. Thank you.

  17. Voted other cuz its ob Williams. Want to throw Max Richter's name into the hat. Would be interesting to see a poll without Williams/Zimmer

  18. That is what I said , thank you

  19. It makes the racists feel better :)

  20. Psssst he won't cuz black people are on TV

  21. Did he say something racist in the thread that I missed or are you just trying to correlate his negative opinion of Tomlin as a coach with his skin color?

  22. Jets were never winning this game. They had no reason to.

  23. Division game, they gave a fuck...just a bunch of losers

  24. it’s Flacco vs Tomphson. Sitting both starting safeties. If they lose they pick 11 if they win they pick 17. I assure you they didn’t give a fuck

  25. Dumb take. Safeties were hurt and players don't care about draft position.

  26. Kornacki dont give a fuck what you think of his shoes

  27. Dude, bifocal contacts! Changed my life

  28. Why does the clerk have no idea how to handle her business? She is looking around like she is lost. The parliamentarian should just be in charge ffs.

  29. Thank god Andrea Mitchell is over.

  30. Sign my balls isn't negative?

  31. He handed the ball off better than any other QB in the league! Glad we won, hope he gets better though

  32. You really think so? I like Kenny and think the pick made sense.

  33. Virtual clone of Mitch, at least stat wise.

  34. I think stats can be deceiving. KP looks like the future to me.

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