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  1. Ah yes, we’re there for the Kurds even though we abandoned them multiple times to their fate. Quit lying to yourself.

  2. The US literally assisted the Kurds reclaim the prison housing ISIS prisoners recently.

  3. Quite literally happened during the Biden presidency, but go off

  4. Don’t care about the other noise, Bucks fans have always been chill, even after winning a ring.

  5. My favorite part about this season have been fans using other teams as proxies for insulting their rivals lol

  6. Have you considered that FTs resulting from fouls in the paint are not counted as points in the paint?

  7. Many of the proposals I have seen have simply capped it at $30 out of pocket to patients, but taxpayer dollars pay the rest. Medication prices on drugs like insulin need to be capped period and not simply have the cost passed onto everybody else

  8. Bush did far more to cause the problem. He actively removed a large swathe of the male population from their jobs, which set the ground for a disaffected population to engage in insurgency.

  9. I honestly don’t get the obsession with Bakhmut by both sides. It’s not vital in any damn way. Both armies are having losses WWI style over a rather insignificant place.

  10. The NYT reporters are reporting on what American and European officials told them… the first 3 sentences of the article explain this:

  11. The F22 design is nearly 30 years old now and is yesterday’s news. The NGAD is the new hotness and should be flying by the end of the decade (allegedly).

  12. Prototype already flew last year (or has it been two years now?)

  13. You’re correct. I meant “flying” as in “active service”. IIRC the USAF NGAD has already flown. The USN NGAD (aka “F/A-XX) is still in design phases.

  14. Yep, wasn’t meaning to be pedantic, I just think it’s fascinating how quickly the USAF prototype got off the ground.

  15. Biden and Dems and Republicans like to lick the boots of the bankers. Don’t be surprised if they do.

  16. They’re literally going to liquidate the bank and its assets to cover the deposits

  17. Im sorry, I’m out the loop. What happened? Been seeing a lot of allusions to deleted posts and Jokic MVP propaganda without actually seeing the source. What was the conspiracy rant?

  18. The deleted post was a lowlight compilation of Jokic on defense that got the user permabanned.

  19. Tried saying the Lakers get a disproportionate number of FTs compared to their paint scoring.

  20. Its interesting how embiid threads are always mostly 76ers fans

  21. Panuelo also mentions that China had sent ocean vessels into the FSM’s Exclusive Economic Zone “whose purpose includes mapping our maritime territory for potential resources.” He adds, “When we sent our own patrol boats to our own Exclusive Economic Zone to check on PRC research vessel activity, the PRC sent a warning for us to stay away.”

  22. A leader with absolute integrity. I hope he has adequate security, and the DSS is monitoring potential threats to him.

  23. I looked at the Sixers sub and that was basically it. Mods didn’t list a reason in the ban message either

  24. Lmfao this is kinda like the “if you regress Mahomes stats to the mean he’s average” post

  25. That's not what that line is saying. It's actually saying the opposite of regress to the mean. The mahomes post was a guy taking mahomes stats and moving them to the mean for no reason. This guy is taking a small sample and saying if it keeps up like this forever. Complete opposite ideas, yet both very dumb.

  26. Yea, it’s regressing good stats to a mean vs plotting bad stats to stay at its current value forever, but I didn’t want to type all of that out

  27. I think that thumbnail is the NBA account and cause he’s not with the team at the moment.

  28. The clip is the Lakers bench doing the shooter celebration Ja did after Troy Brown made the dagger three

  29. They beating the kings even without bron in first round if they play each other

  30. I do not want to see Fox in the first round, absolutely killer in the clutch. Rather match up with the Nuggets

  31. Its crazy how it was considered a human rights violation under trump, now when its Biden you want to make excuses for it.

  32. If you want to interpret what I said to feel offended, feel free.

  33. I unequivocally don’t think there’s any excuse for his immigration policies.

  34. I feel like people keep underrating AC's offense in this sub. Wasn't he one of the best pairings for net rating with LeBron that LeBron has ever had in his career? Purely because of his elite defense and offensively his BBIQ especially in transition.

  35. It’s more that Caruso wasn’t very valuable in the halfcourt offense beyond making good cuts every now and then. Fantastic transition offensive player, but AR’s offensive game is much better as he can create for himself and others off the dribble.

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