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  1. Idk I find tattoos hot and like them on myself too/want more. Don’t understand this particular flex for the sub

  2. Whining bout other ppls business is kinda the MO here

  3. Love this pic. Have it on a t shirt and find it’s the only music-related clothing item acceptable to wear in public.

  4. There’s a show at Albion House tomorrow at 7 (punk/metal/hardcore) and one tonight at Book club at 8/8:30. Totally cashed is a great local band n they’re in the lineup.

  5. This sucks, I’ve always viewed this as a women’s sub. Most of those men had better be gay

  6. I associate obesity with pain first and laziness second, so seeing an obese person momentarily fills me with rage and pity because I don’t think anyone becomes obese without experiencing a great deal of mental and emotional pain

  7. Seriously. I grew up in the rural u.s. and seeing parents give their 8 year olds Mountain Dew like it was water is so depressing.

  8. There is but the sheer volume of content available now that everyone/anyone can put their stuff out there makes it hard sometimes for certain sounds to stand out like they once did. Attention is more divided ig.

  9. Such a good album. Evokes a v specific feeling.

  10. Village Discount Outlet hands down. There are several locations.

  11. Between 2-4am prime time to ride. Its only locals then so you can really get to know the heart and soul of the city.

  12. Missoula might as well be NYC to me it is such a big city and the womenfolk be bountiful as well

  13. Great Caesar's ghost! I never thought I'd live to see the day Carly Simon was considered "ugly" by anyone allowed to live outside the sanitorium.

  14. Forreal I mean Jesus she’s stunning. What a classless cave dweller take.

  15. So tight. Looks like one of those sea urchin skeletons.

  16. I find the bit no one is mentioning about this is the media had the ability to find all this out about people dodging tax but they couldn't find any incentive to do until it would damage a politician like AOC.

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