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  1. I wish Disney had their own equivalent to Adult Swim. I’d so love to see what Dana and the crew could come up with without the limitations of the TV-Y7 rating

  2. That would no doubt solve so many issues with Disney storytelling in other franchises. GOD DAMN IT DISNEY!

  3. Too bad its apparently not worth its money because of...reasons

  4. Keep in mind the show was cut in 2020, it was not as popular as it is now. In fact, it had average numbers compared to now.

  5. That is perfect. I want this video pinned to my room so I wake up and see this!

  6. Yes actually, because for once he actually felt like a character and not a background walking talking CGI killing machine. For once, he has motivations and goes through an actual arc. Bay did good this time.

  7. Disney any other time of year: “let’s remove the bay scenes so it can be shown in China”

  8. TOH never aired in China, nor did any other show from DTVA. It’s just movies.

  9. I though it aired in T̶a̶i̶w̶a̶n̶ Chinese Taipei With a kiss cut out and with Raine’s pronouns changed

  10. It aired in Taiwan, it did not air in China. Different subtitles were used by the Taiwan censors.

  11. The only month of the year Disney actually regrets canceling the show

  12. Someone should make a fan fic where everyone is thrown into nightmares. That would have been an awesome first act of WAD:

  13. That wasn’t an episode idea, it’s just a nice montage they made for TTT. All of that montage is just that, montage, not scrapped episodes.

  14. 4. Fair enough, I guess I can work with that explanation.

  15. Hey, has your reply been cut or did you just skip 1,2,3 points?

  16. Nope, I didn't have a response to 1-3, consider those resolved.

  17. Lilith and the Collector’s redemption arc aren’t believable? Oh please

  18. Agree to disagree. If Mark did his research like watching Dana Terrace’s livestream he’d know better

  19. Hmmmmm okay i watched the livestream and i thought this would fit pretty well into the story

  20. She’s leaving the room where she had a lot of good memories, why is she sad knowing that she can travel back in forth? Like, Luz, you can come back on weekends, summers, holidays, or even when you have a spare day. It makes no sense.

  21. Transformers Prime, the Bumblebee Movie, Transformers Animated, the video games War & Fall of Cybertron, and Transformers Beast Wars.

  22. Honestly I really wish they revealed Luz’s palisman earlier, since Stringbean happened in the penultimate episode, she didn’t get to do anything

  23. If Dana didn’t want to reveal it earlier then let’s just accept it. Stringbean probably would have made Luz too OP in the earlier episodes. So it was best to save her for the finale.

  24. Whatever the plot says: Allspark, Quintessa, Creators, who the freak knows? It’s not like these movies care for consistency or cohesion or anything.

  25. Transformers One will come out next year, after that they’ll start production on the second live action film in this trilogy. And if that’s a success the final film in 2027/2028.

  26. Ppl say its rushed bc of the pacing of the 3 specails. Whoch makes sense bc of the cancelation

  27. You think I don’t know that? I disagree that it was rushed because people can’t separate fast paced with rushed. Rushed implied that it wasn’t thought through completely, and I disagree with that sentiment.

  28. I mean she is an angel sent from the Heavens to bring happiness and peace to all. So… yeah.

  29. What? No! He is barley in the movies, he doesn’t have a code of honor or some kind of moral code, he is just the swordsman who’s there for awesome action. He’s all spectacle and no substance.

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