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  1. Omori fans when I show them actual good games, like Hunt Down The Sweepman, and Garten of PeakPeak

  2. One of these days one of us degens from this sub are going to make it out of the hood with a goofy ahh story just to see a panel from said story posted here

  3. Why must the gaming community be obsessed with debauchery? Anything that involves femboys, goth girls, tomboys, or hentai they love. Go outside and touch a grass, find a real women.

  4. The tankers are literally outside in a field of grass

  5. Key word “gaming community” never did I say “tankers”

  6. this is leaked tape of me against certain group of "cunnysoiurs" or whatever also known as pedophiles

  7. Damn, now that you showed me how many of these there are, I want to get them all xD

  8. In my experience, GuP as a series and its merch is so unknown outside of Japan that you'd have a hard time finding fake merch

  9. Druids should not be allowed within 10 km of a nearby settlement or village

  10. This is all part of Turkey's great plan, let Greece invade them and in turn Greece would have more Turks than Greeks. Election comes and a pro-Turkey ruler is voted in because of the amount of Turks. He plans to reunite with Turkey then boom. Full 180 Greece is rightful Turkish territory

  11. The fuck are you talking about? There was cropped porn on the front page of the sub yesterday.

  12. Why does it not have a picture for reincarnation no kaben's loli hitler

  13. They were protecting property, they may not be landchads but they understand the needed struggle

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