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  1. They had not one, but two other options…

  2. They interviewed 10, but only brought the three finalists forward to the public

  3. It took me nine years. I lucked out and got a local job right out of school ($36k in 2010) and kept grinding.

  4. I hate to sound like an old head, but “I’m a good defender, because my man doesn’t beat me in iso perimeter situations” is AAU culture run amock

  5. I must be the only one who doesn’t think Giannis’ quote is all that great or a fair comparison.

  6. Yeah, I respect Gianis a lot, but I’m not about to entertain the idea that he has to work harder than Steph and KD to be good at basketball. Did he have a harder road than Steph? Hell yeah! But Steph is great because of his training, not necessarily God-given abilities.

  7. Sorry to break it to you, but all top level athletes have a huge helping of God-given abilities. Even guys who seem ordinary like Ingles and Scalabrine

  8. I’m comparing Steph’s gifts to Giannis’s, not to me on my couch

  9. Try University Printing Services. You don’t need to be a student or employee to use them, and they are really well equipped.

  10. My whistle volume and length/pattern is analogous to how I would talk in that moment. Take fouls for instance:

  11. “Hi everyone, my name is Stephen, and this is a video about soccer referee education…”

  12. I did this on jackstands a couple months ago— I recommend finding a lift like you did!

  13. I work in a remote-hybrid deal. I’m in the office once or twice a week. It’s a perfect way to get a lot of meeting out of the way in those days, then get a lot of time to get shit done on my own at home. I’m much more productive than I ever was when I was in the office full time

  14. I use REFSIX to put all my games into. I know it’s not something permanent or anything but it will keep you from double booking yourself if you quick reference to it. If you do, you’ll be putting the games in there regardless sooo why not use it for more then just game history/record keeping?

  15. The dream is Arbiter automatically populating games into REFSIX … fantasy, I know

  16. We use Arbiter for high school assignments— for my rural area where local youth league assignors typically handle things via text messages like “you busy Saturday?”, it’s a huge improvement. But the UX is bad and I agree, a native calendar or REFSIX app would be an incredible improvement

  17. Someone posted a video a while back from a car dealership where they asked all the employees what their payments were. All of them were near or over 1K per month, plus insurance. People in their 20’s buying Grand Wagoneers.

  18. Is it tho, I see so many new cars on the road. Temp tags everywhere. Not saying its responsible, just that irresponsible is normal.

  19. Dropped ball to the team who last had possession of it unless last touch was in 16 yard box, when the ball is dropped to the goalkeeper of the defending team

  20. The AAU is a de facto farm system, and the league wants it that way. It’s the elephant in the room. They like that there’s a built in mechanism now to exploit a steady stream of child athletes and they are avoiding accountability for it.

  21. The NBA isn’t the only organization benefiting— many public schools rely on youth-level AAU (and other travel sports) to help develop athletes without having to invest in grade school or junior high programs of their own. They can also make decent money on rental fees for facility use by these private programs for practice space

  22. Gentle reminder that pirating Adobe software is the morally correct way

  23. If you’re using Adobe products for your career, the cost is not substantial. Pay for the products.

  24. The programs available to us now dwarf what you got with the disc packages— it’s just unfortunate that they don’t offer more consumer-friendly a la cart options

  25. In this case it arguably WAY more dangerous to let them pass illegally. Had the driver backed off on speed and been parallel to this nut job that collision would have been way way worse.

  26. You have your kids in the car. Pull off the fucking road in that case— sometimes you gotta accept that some drivers care less about their vehicle/safety and let the bully get away with it

  27. I’m certainly happy with mine— replacement cost was a bitch when I hit a deer though

  28. Thaks for the reply. What mileage did they fail at?

  29. They didn’t “fail,” but one broke when I hit a deer. The other still works fine— replacement cost was $1,800 from BMW, but I found something aftermarket for $600. I’m at 125,000 miles

  30. Reason I’m saying this is because everyone is telling me it’s only a matter of time until it goes bad at this milage.

  31. I imagine a timing chain failure on a ‘13 would potentially total the car. The warranty provider may be just as interested in the maintenance as you are.

  32. I was raised in small town Ohio and the idea of doing anything at 5am makes me want to throw up

  33. The description of “blue collar” applied to anyone who’s been a millionaire for over half their life makes me want to throw up

  34. Why would anyone want to watch the best players assemble to not play hard?

  35. Also, as on-demand options for replays/highlights have become more accessible, the value of the All-Star weekend as a live event isn’t valuable. Sports betting is keeping regular season games from suffering a similar fate.

  36. My wife chose the Countryman over the X1 for the manual transmission— I liked the X1 more, but the differences were pretty subtle

  37. She likes the “charm” of the Mini, but I liked the “maturity” of the X1. That sort of defines the difference between the cars IMO.

  38. I wonder why it’s so expensive. It’s Honda. If they could bring it down to $20k it’d probably do well.

  39. $20k? The Civic starts at $25k… the average price of a new car sale in the US is almost $50k.

  40. I did mine at 124,000 miles— used the FCP Euro kit and walkthrough.

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