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  1. He comes to my work sometimes, he’s actually very nice to everyone he encounters, I was shocked but he’s got a great energy… also he dresses dumber than this a lot lol

  2. Do they need a minister? I’m ordained and have done over 10 ceremonies

  3. i was at camp flognaw when they booed drake off stage for frank ocean, i don’t think they will allow that to happen again to another artist

  4. To be clear here, Drake was awful during that set. I don’t believe he should have been booed off but he gave such a mediocre performance. He did partial songs and some didn’t even rap just let the beats play, it was worse than Coachella

  5. Oh my god. I’m gonna show my girlfriend this if she ever feels bad about calling out of work sick again

  6. This actually a W for them lol I saw him at Coachella and would have rather he didn’t show

  7. Why do you say that? Never had the gin but was considering it

  8. The lemon flavor is grossly overpowering and has almost a cleaner-esq taste to it. I was thoroughly disappointed

  9. I can’t tell what’s real and what’s satire on this damn sub anymore

  10. listening now for the first time-----hell yea this rocks

  11. Would the cover possibly fly away? I mean that’s probably better than the whole thing flying away.

  12. Oh ok so you only unhook 2 corners and you keep 2 corners hooked in?

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