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  1. If you receive a message like this, check the BSB number to identify the bank, and then report the suspect account number to the bank. They should suspend the account pending further investigation and possible police involvement, and you may save other people from falling victim to it.

  2. Pesticides are put on plants to keep pests away, organics are more likely to not have been bred/created to do that on thier own so more likely have more pesticides.

  3. If you regularly ride motorcycle you are guaranteed an accident someway, somehow. It’s a rule of thumb that few have proven me wrong. Happened to me and most everyone I know. Thankfully it’s not always life threatening and I’m not saying it as a way to discourage motorcycles, they are great, just saying it as a way to respect the vehicle. Hope he is okay and heals well.

  4. Honestly, what made me a much safer rider was laying my bike over at low speed going around a roundabout. That small accident changed my perspective, and made me question how much better I had to be.

  5. I get it. I love warhammer 40k games for the storys, but I cannot stand turn based games like deathwatch.

  6. It was a while back now, but I had to do this with tobuscus.

  7. Moss! You could make a really nice little moss terrarium with this.

  8. Most likely a tumour, a fish can live like this for a long time. If it keeps getting larger, it might end up too big for the fish to function, especially in a pond, so you may need to set up a nursing tank for it or even euthanise.

  9. Thank you so much! I'm hoping it doesn't get worse.

  10. Depending on how important this fish is to her, finding a fish vet might be the best option. They may even be able to remove it.

  11. Atleast they aren't trying to sell you one of those "betta habitat" things.

  12. Oooh thats the problem I was too young for Huckleberry Hound, but to old for Blues Clues.

  13. I can't stand the tired, recycled, inaccurate, jokes on any post about Australia, made by someone who has most likely never been to Australia. Yes we have dangerous snakes and spiders, no you probably won't see one on your week holiday to Sydney, and if you do, you probably won't get attacked by one.

  14. The scary thing about our stuff, is that it is often small.

  15. Yea absolutely, I get that. And we are obviously all well trained in taking the necessary precautions (checking you shoes, paying attention where you walk out bush, etc etc).

  16. I mean, its not impossible. Most airports have big open grasslands that are perfect for snakes.

  17. Mist and soaker are both useless, can use shower to replace both. Jet can atleast blast stuff.

  18. Pretty sure wizards of the coast is already on board with this. They apparently want to do away with actual DMs in DnD online stuff and use AI

  19. As I pointed out on your last post, bream are salt water.

  20. Sadly, that does the same thing, but to a more extreme degree.

  21. No one had giant woman fetishes back then.

  22. Warhammer 40k can't really be beaten on lore and world building.

  23. Get him in the tank. You'll need water conditioner.

  24. Yeah I have everything required including a conditioner / dechlorinator except for all of the cycling related stuff, so that's my primary concern atm. Do I test the water routinely every day or?

  25. Oh lol, you went through my post history, kinda cringe, but you do you

  26. Damn nah it's a "I'm terminally online and lack any empathy whatsoever"

  27. Nah, ive got empathy, but this is like the 5th time I've seen this post, it's not like the girls family is posting it, just another internet random, so I'm not going to be all serious, especially not on a sub thats generally geared towards humour.

  28. Black n Gold in Australia is the cheapest stuff. Its not the same as the American brand.

  29. Why? I’m honestly curious . As a veteran science journo with many roles headlining magazines focused on nutrition and fitness, I am not impressed by any of these products - but I am baffled by the price differential for very similar nutritional constituents.

  30. Taste and texture. Canned spaghetti is a staple of poor households, so buying the more expensive stuff is a treat because its better to consume upfront even if its exactly the same once it hits the stomach

  31. Maybe. Depends on stocking. Id still do it, but I would keep an eye on the parameters of both tanks for a week or 2 to ensure the first doesn't crash and the second takes.

  32. I've never worried about it. Itll add a little to the bio load as they break down, but will also add calcium which is very good for the shrimp as well as adds a source of food. Unless you are 100% stocked already, leave them in

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