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  1. If you can't afford a property the normal way you can't afford a property full stop. Shared ownership doesn't make it any cheaper to own a property if anything its more expensive with the rent and service charge increases every year that are linked to inflation. You also won't be building equity in this market as house prices have stagnated

  2. Where I am cannot get a mortgage for a non shared ownership property due to the prices in my area, but I was able to get a mortgage for shared ownership which I can afford comfortably with rent service, service charge etc. So thats your point proven completely wrong.

  3. Tuna, prawns, avocado, baked beans mushrooms unless they are mixed into something but love a mushroom soup strangely.

  4. Wonder if any of them are placing bets on how long the bans will be 🤣

  5. All good and well everyone telling you to pull out and move etc but what happens if the job doesn't work out or you cannot establish a small social circle or a couple of friends who share some common could end up feeling pretty bummed out about the whole situation.

  6. The fact that I feel like I finally have something to show for all my hard work and scrimping/saving plus no more house shares or living at home.

  7. Well sounds like you'll discover the buried treasure or corpse after you've completed now, happy days.

  8. This is great news, hope we get see more of him next season. Quality player.

  9. East Croydon? Can get to and from London Bridge or Victoria quicker than all of the other places listed and also Gatwick Airport and Brighton quickly, only downside is it's Croydon.

  10. They still exist in Germany, but they are called Woolworth but the logo is the same.

  11. Definitely fun for the kids. Not a slate bed, or particularly fine cloth. Decent enough for what it costs. Good chance that over time the table will develop some sort of warp/dip in the middle. Still worth it I'd say. Definitely dont use it as an occasional table.

  12. Yeah the warp was what I was thinking of too! Probably will end up getting one as it's better than nothing and if it turns out to be a crock of shit can always sell it cheap.

  13. Good game i can recommend... Played more than 1.000 Games and its still fun

  14. What level are you on? I've played just over 10k matches and still only only 25.

  15. I second this, amazing how there are still zero adverts as well although the connection issues can be annoying when you're playing someone else.

  16. The World OAPs is the only thing I can see him winning nowadays or the meat raffle down his local boozer.

  17. What about East Grinstead? It's very pretty around there, the old part of town is charming, great surrounding areas for walking in eh Ashdown Forest, Weald or even South Downs.

  18. Unless you drive, getting to Gatwick, Crawley, Brighton etc is an expensive by train and very long by bus.

  19. Did anyone hear him on Eurosport last night saying that he hasn't won the world championship yet 🤣🤣🤣

  20. FFS so now we have to listen to " You could hear a pin drop inside this magnificent crucible theatre " for every session he commentates on for the next god knows how many Worlds 😒

  21. If it's a joint tenancy then she can't just kick him out, they'd both need to agree to change it from a joint to sole tenancy which sounds unlikely.

  22. Chips and a pot of the glowing red sweet and sour sauce was my go to thing for a few years when I was younger.

  23. Sure he's said this about a 3 or 4 chinese players, sure he said it about Trump before too.

  24. Seems like he says it about almost any player 10yrs + younger than him who beats him convincingly!

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