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  1. 3! Boltund is one of my favourite Pokémon :) I’ve just started collecting! I love that bottom Trainer miscut! About this season, I love spending time with my family, I’ve got my brother into collecting too! Merry Christmas from the uk 🎄

  2. I'm almost positive this is real, I pulled 1 myself from a booster box and can't spot any differences between mine and yours.

  3. If there is one thing I hate more in the Tcg than full art trainers and items its specifically these 2 abysmal characters. Id rather have gotten a regular holo.

  4. How can you tell they’re fake? I haven’t collected Pokémon in over a decade and can’t tell the difference with all these new crazy cards lmao

  5. Wrong font, spelling errors, no shine or if there is shine it shines wrongly

  6. Don’t grade it if the only reason your grading it is for money - the card is like $0.5, however if you want to keep it protected and grade it for fun, go ahead!

  7. yea idk about the shaymin i’ve never seen it with the writing before

  8. It has no shine! But I think I remember someone saying world championship deck reprints don’t have shine

  9. Thanks for giving these away! But in future, make sure to cover the qr code, so bots don’t get them!

  10. I got nothing special, but when I pulled that Starmie v tg from astral radiance I was so hyped!

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