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  1. The squirrel and the skunk are probably my favorites! I love their designs (they're similar)

  2. Aww i love him!! This is one BAB on the top of my want list!

  3. This is absolutely amazing, wow! Amazing work! He's sooo cute

  4. Awww I LOVE your owlbear! I was actually hoping for BAB to make one. I wish they did!

  5. You should ask your manager tomorrow:) I'm pretty sure the code changes monthly. They may have it written down somewhere at your store!

  6. I love the house animals! I think your lion is especially cute. I own the badger, his name is Grindelwald.

  7. Aww that's awesome! Love the name.Thank you ❤️

  8. I don't see it online on the US site :( maybe they will restock but I'm not sure!

  9. Im so painfully disappointed that we didnt get Themberchaud

  10. Aww thats amazing! The werewolves are probably my husband's favorites too

  11. This is awesome!! Was this all from the same goodwill!?

  12. This was an AMC theater exclusive.. I can't remember what country it was from, but it is super rare/HTF

  13. Could you post the pic you would like to use in the comments as well? I see 2 pics in that post that could potentially be used :)

  14. I have already added new mods. We MIGHT need to add more in the future tho, so you can apply if you want! :)

  15. This is so cool!! I never would have thought to do that!

  16. Wow you're gorgeous and love your matching tattoo!! Also your makeup is 🔥

  17. Does anyone have a leaked picture of him?? 😭

  18. I wish I did!! I'm sure someone will post it when they do :)

  19. I'm sorry :( we may add more in the future but haven't decided yet

  20. Ahhh, he's a cutie! I'm waiting on my other half to get home from work so we can watch it together ❤️

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