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  1. Yes it was there after he ran 5-10 yards. You can see JJ slow up briefly as if he heard a whistle and was shocked like WTF. Then Jim came and argued about the timing of the whistle or thinking it was a fan.

  2. Ok, then there should be more uproar about how the refs weren’t trying harder to stop the play. Or if they were, then why was there not a penalty on the hit. Because if there was a whistle and they were trying to stop the play, then that hit was unnecessary and should be a penalty, which again should lead to uproar about refs being absolute ass

  3. Yeah, calling a false start when the defense had too many men on the field was pretty fucked up.

  4. It’s freezing and I have a sprained foot but I’m bringing my son to celebrate his 8h birthday and he can’t wait.

  5. I’m not a big Quest bar fan. I much much prefer One bars. However, Quest cookies and candies are pretty decent.

  6. Oh. Then they need to turn off the stadium lights if they’re gonna do that

  7. DJ Skee was really good at the Ohio State game, but he just tried WAY too hard at the Penn State game this year

  8. He was great at the OSU game and then just seemed to care less at PSU. He plays way too much electronic music.

  9. He was there for OSU and I thought did a great job. I do think that this year has been weird in terms of in game environment. The new stuff they're trying is not working

  10. He did great at the OSU game. He was the least hype person in the building on Saturday.

  11. Makes me realize how much the WWE product is missing a sprinkle of cruiserweight matches on the regular.

  12. Love this look for Theory. Making him look like an actual legit threat to opponents

  13. I'll be there too. I dont have anything maize to wear yet though...

  14. The season schedule shirt is $20 at the M Den at the stadium I believe.

  15. Solo is young and talented but he has to slow down at times just a touch. That moment before he hit his finisher could’ve used just one more moment to breath and give more impact to the finish.

  16. Don’t worry guys, that hard as fuck rail, the metal chairs and the concrete floor cushioned his landing.

  17. It's cool. He didn't break anything. Except his sternum.....and possibly his head. The tailing and seats are Okay though

  18. The layers they’re adding to this is some of the best storytelling they’ve done in a long time.

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