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  1. "They'll die when they're dead" Yes because that's what... death means.

  2. Tony Jaa and Iko Uwais are pretty cool additions, although this is an American action franchise so they probably won’t be allowed to actually do anything cool lmao.

  3. Bats ftw. Tho, are you sure Noivern's a bat in first place? As per the name, one would think it's actually a wyvern and one reminiscent of Monster Hunter at that.

  4. I WILL carve that Reddit mantle!!!

  5. i don't get, why Capcom don't release the older games on newer platforms. it'd be so good, to have official ports on PC (and other platforms).

  6. Right? While it's true that the older games weren't as sophisticated compared to what we have today, they still laid the foundations and I think it's about time new players got to experience them as well somehow. Perhaps with several boosters attached or something.

  7. Old post I know but FYI: "le clairon" ("the bugle") is the French nickname of the FAMAS. So Snake wasn't mocking their weapon, just using a nickname for it. Like calling a Thompson submachine gun a "Chicago Typewriter".

  8. A surprising number of people gave Strikers flak for just repeating Maruki's whole schtick, but it was more a parallel approach I thought complimented really well.

  9. The supposedly upcoming Persona 5 T perhaps? That letter could very well stand for 'trauma' after all.

  10. Moi! If the opportunity ever presents itself, wanna do a platform game at some point? And possibly even a 3D one at that...

  11. 3D platforming is not a genre that I've had in mind when thinking of future projects. That said, I'm open to most genres as long as there's something unique about it. And it could be interesting to try to do something new with a 3D platformer too. I do like 2D platformers more, so that would be way more likely though :)

  12. I see. Now, one of the core tenets just about any game developer should take to the heart is respecting the audience. I'm assuming your title too doesn't assume the gamers are morons or otherwise unskilled, yes? Likewise, if I had a studio and did a platformer, I would let the gamers choose whether or not they want to play with lives enabled or not for starters, including a 'hardcore' mode where that counter's capped at 9.

  13. Old Reddit was clunky on mobile browsers, but old Reddit + RES is the only way to browse on desktop.

  14. Shit ton of utility. To be honest, I couldn’t even tell you what all it adds because I’ve been using it the whole decade+ I’ve been on Reddit.

  15. I see... Wanna take a screenshot of a Reddit page w/ and w/o RES? You know, for comparison and all that.

  16. First they come for the 3rd party apps, then they will probably remove old.reddit later.

  17. If they wanted to get rid of older version, I'm sure they could have done so already. The fact that it's still up has to mean that they're committed to maintaining it for the long haul. Sure, it might disappear eventually but since I've already invested so much to Reddit these past few years, I feel like leaving just isn't an option.

  18. And this is a mindset they are relying upon as they make them platform worse to appease investors.

  19. Why do you insist on answering questions WITH questions all the time? If your goal here is to make the other side 'rage quit' you might as well be very effective at it... And define 'too many accounts to be dismissed' if you would. I'm sure there's just as many accounts whose experiences have been pleasant in turn.

  20. You don't know anything about me. Again, I know Japan might have it's problems but c'mon!

  21. My first thought when looking at the picture was "why is someone using a random living room as a Vita wallpaper"

  22. The icons at least are standard apple UI stuff compared to the tacticle ones vita used.

  23. I dunno, seems pretty much like standard Apple UI to me. Vita on the other hand really emphasized the tactile nature of the icons.

  24. Right? It's about time we got Ace Attorney 7 lemme tell ya. And since it presumably isn't beholden to limited powers of handhelds anymore, the visual and presentation upgrades are going to be immense!

  25. It is huge step forward. But I am waiting other features instead:

  26. For your first point, do you think it could possibly take the form of letting you place the games in your library to the market? Since you can do this with many of the other things in your inventory, it's the most logical way I can think of.

  27. Oh no! News about a pretty big thing, has been posted more than once. How shall the world ever go on, when people do such terrible things?

  28. Is it a bit of a plot convienence that the high evolutionary's face was still wrecked after all this time? Dudes got magic god tier bio tech, but he couldn't fix his face? Irl plastic surgeons could do better work

  29. He's likely too prideful for that. Instead of fixing it, he kept it mutilated just because he could.

  30. I need a What If episode where the High Evolutionary didn’t try to kill Rocket but instead made him his right hand “man”. Think of the damage them as a team could have done together.

  31. Or better yet, one where the H.E. doesn't come to check up on Batch 89 that fateful day, letting Rocket and the rest to actually escape...

  32. It's wild that became the new term, I'm so used to Avatar being the term used.

  33. There is no way I can use the desktop version of Reddit without RES. I am way too used to it to ever give it up. I wish you guys the best of luck with this and thank you for everything!!

  34. And why is that? I've never needed anything external to have a decent experience...

  35. Lagiacrus. I just got a Wii and was browsing the online store for interesting games when I stumbled upon Tri. Watched the trailer for it as well as the opening movie and when I saw Lagiacrus, needless to say it was an instant “I need that!”

  36. Alrighty! Do you think Lagia will have a chance of appearing in a future game?

  37. I do hope so. I’m one of the people who were let down by its fight in GU due to the absence of underwater combat. So I’m hoping that if underwater combat returns, Lagi can make his proper glorious return.

  38. Alrighty. With today's technology at their disposal, Capcom has a real chance of making underwater combat actually shine!

  39. Poor Floor... All of those 'modifications' were totaly unnecessary.

  40. Right? It should tell you something about Mr. Gunn's ability as a filmmaker that at no point does it ever occur to you that the batch 89 aren't real animals. It's like they're actually there with you as a witness to their tribulations. It honestly wouldn't surprise me if this film actually does well in the upcoming award season...

  41. Yeah :(( Maybe the muzzle thing was to make/help her talk cus she couldn’t be modified in the way the rest were…. Orrr maybe he just hated her poor soul :(

  42. H.E. definitely strikes me as the sort of type to reserve the most horrific experiments to bunnies purely out of spite. That and perhaps the anatomy of rabbits are such that trying to make them vocalize like humans would simply doesn't work, hence the workaround with the muzzle/speaker.

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