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Wrestling Observer Newsletter Awards 2023

To the MOON.

Call an ambulance, I'm laughing too hard.

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

Cute but creepy

When an upvote just isn't enough, smash the Rocket Like.

When laughter meets percussion

Boldly go where we haven't been in a long, long time.

Prayers up for the blessed.

You look amazing, glowing, incredible!

  1. That did not at all feel like 4 hours, what a perfectly paced show

  2. Cole deserves to not have to speak again until tomorrow night. He's been on fire

  3. I never would have started watching wrestling if I didn't see Rey Mysterio on my TV when I was 11 years old and now I've been watching for over 20 years.

  4. I know this is a reddit post of a 4chan post, but I'm choosing to believe it's 100% real

  5. I saw this on Scrubs, I never thought it was a real thing.

  6. Scrubs made a point of only including medical cases that have actually happened

  7. Oh so we're definitely getting a surprise Pat at Mania

  8. Jack, Darby, and Sammy all delivered their best promos of their careers. Stretch this to DoN please

  9. I don't think he is underrated, everybody knows how great he is. I think he's just underutilized on the roster.

  10. Is he even underutilized? He's Triple H's go to guy for putting on a great match with literally anyone, I feel like there hasn't been a week that Gable wasn't on Raw in a match in ages

  11. Cody must have paid for the B/R stream on Fire TV

  12. So this is what he said to Cody on Monday

  13. TK couldn't decide if he wanted Jericho or Omega to win in Winnipeg so he decided that they would just both lose instead

  14. He's already proven it since the Jungle boy match. I don't know why ppl keep saying he's only good on the mic

  15. That match with Jungle Boy is one of my all time favorite AEW matches

  16. I was expecting Lights Out based on Christians promo

  17. Gable is in the sweet spot as Triple H's ol' reliable. I just hope it eventually turns into a small title run of his own

  18. People tend to forget that the USPS is so important that it's part of the constitution

  19. Josh Alexander will make any price of admission worth its value, but I feel like the lack of star power in Impact Main event scene is hurting his reign badly.

  20. Are you telling me Bully Ray and Steve Maclin aren't draws?

  21. I'm definitely more of an AEW guy, but jesus christ the ANTI-WWE bias in these awards is wild

  22. There's some bookmarking with the match featured in the video, as well as deeper emotional/character connections (their similarities, how Muto inspired Naito to be a wrestler, etc.), but Muto also said he picked Naito because he'd be the most likely to get a crowd at the dome.

  23. Sounds a whole lot like taxation without representation

  24. Hopefully it is Super Yakis and not the knock off made by my mother...

  25. Super Yaki confirmed it was the real deal!

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