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  1. I honestly think half the right wingers, who care so much, are just mad bc they spent their entire lives repressing who they really were and now they see young people openly doing what they never had the courage to do and it drives them crazy. Like that dude from Tennessee John Oliver talked about last week.

  2. For a beginner such as yourself, I’d recommend something easy to sip on like Woodford Reserve Double Oaked. Its flavorful enough, low proof so its approachable for a beginner and best of all it’s in every store in the country.

  3. But look how cute that puppers is!

  4. The hate on Shaub and Delia is kinda the same story. So they both got puppies from shelters and then took videos of each other throwing the puppies off a balcony. It was supposed to be some sort of podcast promo for Golden Hour but the fans were so disturbed it backfired greatly. Then it came out that Chris was sleeping with Brendans wife if front of Swab while he sat on his wifes dildo, and again people flipped out.

  5. Is there a different, softer form of German?

  6. I believe you are looking for Gerpuppy

  7. Collapsing Banks: Central banks around the world are implementing various measures to prevent the collapse of banks. These measures include providing liquidity support, lowering interest rates, and implementing regulatory reforms to prevent excessive risk-taking. Some examples of these measures are:

  8. The fall of the petrodollar is perhaps the biggest global issue, that is so complicated, I think most people’s would prefer to just ignore it. Fascinating stuff though. Good write up.

  9. You know who said they were going to arrest Trump this week? Donald Trump. Even though his lawyers said that there was no reason to think that.

  10. Bingo. The truth is far sadder though, Trump just couldn’t stand not being the center of attention for five minutes, so he makes up a lie and his base of morons goes wild. Fox news has to cover it bc they are propped up by those same morons. Now said morons see it being covered on the news, they go wilder, this is how insurrections happen.

  11. Does it sound familiar or does it look familiar?

  12. Unpopular opinion I know but I aint even mad. This is one of the coolest collections I’ve seen in awhile. I wouldnt buy shit from here ever except maybe a pack of blueberry swisher sweets (if you know you know), but its pretty impressive. Idk that I’ve ever seen all of Highwests offerings in one place before.

  13. I bet he eats corn on the cob the long way.

  14. Woah woah woah leave the dawgs outta this.

  15. No way. And I’m for trans rights/healthcare but all 7 yr olds should be deciding is what color crayon they want to use. Kids need to stay kids there is no need for them to be making major medical decisions. They couldn’t go get a tattoo so imo they shouldn’t be allowed to make medical decisions.

  16. One of my faves over the past few years (since the 12 year is either a zillion bucks or not available) That’s a fantastic bottle bro !!!

  17. Yeah I’m stoked about it! I’ve never seen the 12 either but I’ve heard great things! Maybe some day!

  18. My attitude was clear but he was not made fun of or mocked. I’m so sorry to have upset you so much. Hope you have a better day tomorrow kind sir!

  19. Theres a podcast these dudes did about SS that is legendary. Hes so much more of a dickhead than people realize.

  20. What are ya a tight wad or something?

  21. You gotta start at the neck to get to the back, the p**** and the crack.

  22. And she woulda got away with it too if it hadn’t been for those meddling kids!

  23. As a husband to a HS teacher, pay is just one of many many problems our teachers face. It’s so much worse than people outside the system realize.

  24. I hate to tell OP but those aint Scallops. Thats clearly Vegan Hotdogs cut with an odd pattern, and in serious need of some kraft mac and cheese.

  25. Highland park is so good. The perfect little bit of everything in scotch. Lil sweet, lil sherry, lil peat, lil complexity, lil price.

  26. Turkeys shouting racist insults outside his door. Not specifically racist, but generally racist so you’re not quite sure who they’re talking about but you know its bad.

  27. Yeah I once found it for $29.99, instead of buying it I killed myself instead. I’d rather die than pay over msrp

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