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  1. Oh, no, I believe people who watch him are idiots, mostly cause his opinions are based on buzzwords and emotional manipulation that only people with zero critical thinking who depend on others about their opinions could enjoy. He doesn't have any actual analysis on what he is saying, and it's clear he has no idea what good writing is and only watches Hollywood which would be fine but his critics are as bad as Chris gore.

  2. In his defence it’s hard to analyse if companies like Amazon don’t share their viewership numbers. And if he manages to understand and enjoy Tolkien’s stories, which he does, I would say that he does in fact know what good writing and storytelling is. But maybe that’s just my opinion. You’re perfectly free to have yours.

  3. I have no idea what viewership has to do with analysis on the actual writing and story. I don't even care about RoP I just don't like the fandom menace the same way I don't like sjws cause both sides have no idea about criticism and we have reached the point where hipsters are the most normal people and the ones who even though I disagree I can at least respect their opinion cause they don't use cheap tactics and emotional manipulation.

  4. Oh sorry he mostly talks about viewership and other numbers that show how audiences liked the product, like you said he mostly talks about Hollywood, so I thought you meant he doesn’t show analysis on that. My bad.

  5. Yes if galadrial would have chosen to be with Sauron then they would have healed middle earth and non of the bad stuff of Lord of the Rings would have happened.

  6. Lol yeah, that’s pretty much what we saw. There was absolutely nothing to suggest that he was evil before Galadriel rejected him haha.

  7. Its a misdirect, that's how plot twists work, he seamed like a nice guy but is actually evil like how the ring feels good to the wearer but us bad. He's a deceiver

  8. There was nothing to suggest that he was a deceiver. He didn’t deceive Galadriel to do anything. Galadriel did what she wanted the whole time and constantly dragged him along.

  9. You've been watching Nerdrotic again instead of reading Tolkien, haven't you. 🙄

  10. Are these not valid questions? I read a piece of a letter where Tolkien explains that he hates it when his characters are perverted as in changed from how he wrote them. So just because he didn’t explicitly write that Galadriel is not a warrior princess doesn’t mean that she is, in fact it’s more likely that he didn’t write her as a warrior princess because he didn’t intend for her to be one.

  11. You might check out Jeff La Sala's blog on this point. If you think Rings of Power got this wrong, you know less Tolkien than you think you do. What Tolkien wrote of her pre-third age was far closer to Rings of Power's portrayal than how she appears in Lord of the Rings. Characters change over time.

  12. So far I’ve only seen quotes from Tolkien about how she tied her hair up and rivalled both athletes and lore-masters but nothing about her picking up a sword and going to war. And I’ve read the Silmarillion and The Unfinished Tales. Elrond was a warrior. Galadriel’s desire was not combat but dominion of a realm of her own.

  13. Мда.....то ти је к'о оно :"Нит' је ватра,нит'је гуја љута...." пичвајз углавном.Папазјанија,коју ни они који су снимали нису схватили уопште. Како оно рече Бора Чорба: "Ако си глуп,а представа тешка,немој да признаш,није твоја грешка.Кад си већ платио,кажи да си схватио!".Тако и ово.Ко тај ребус реши,свака му дала! Воде из бокала :-) Поздрав!

  14. Actually,both are songs,upper one is part of an epic songmade in past centuries by an unknow author,and Bora always knew with his words-40+years of music carier do mean somenthing,right?

  15. Ah okay, the pitch meetings were always fun but I think apart from that it has indeed always been kinda garbage

  16. They can join Dumb & Dumber in the pantheon of inept fantasy showrunners.

  17. Now that I think about it, they’re actually worse than Dumb and Dumber. Dumb and Dumber were incapable of writing their own stories, so they crashed and burned when they ran out of source material, but they did manage to adapt the source material pretty well, Pain and Decay couldn’t even do that.

  18. Oh sorry I got that Narbonar was joking but I didn’t see a /s for sarcasm in Veselker’s comment

  19. I don't use /s. I like to keep them guessing

  20. One of those meteors could have hit something near her or whatever else it might have been. Also, why wouldn't she wake up in the smoke? She is an elf after all, we don't know anatomy of elves.

  21. A lot of humans survived too and like I said everything round them was burned to a crisp so why not them? And I’m getting tired of people complaining about nitpicking. A story is built up of details and if the details don’t make sense the story doesn’t make sense. But you’re perfectly free to have your own opinion, so ignore me if you don’t like mine.

  22. I get your opinion, it's just your criticism is about a really irrelevant thing. What's the big difference whether most of them would die or survive? Literally no relevance to the main story.

  23. There’s just no suspension of disbelieve when inly the extra’s die. But then again in the PJ trilogy there are also a bunch of moments where main characters seem to die but then don’t die, so yeah plot armour everywhere

  24. Nah Illuvatar is not that evil, pretty sure she’s Morgoth in disguise, he was never actually defeated in this universe lol

  25. So you didn’t touch the darkness, how does it feel to still live in the light?

  26. Nah I think it symbolizes the 3 buttholes- JD Payne-in-my-ass, Patrick McDouché and yeff buttzoz

  27. The three elven rings are their cockrings, LotR themed threesome, the purest of cardinal sins

  28. I really liked Disa with her fun bubbly personality, until she turned into a Sith lord…

  29. What? She heard Celebrimbor quote Adar (who was talking about Sauron) word for word. That's why she grew suspicious. He had just talked to Hal who was also the only person to have a connection with Adar.

  30. Yeah I guess Hallbrand was the only other person in the room when Adar said those lines about power of the unseen world and stuff, so I’m guessing she thought “I didn’t quote these words to Celebrimbor so the only person who could’ve told him that is Hallbrand”

  31. That was at least better than, "I'M GOOD!" *winks into the camera*

  32. That was worse than a 5 year old’s schoolplay

  33. I love this show. At its worst, it has some clunky writing, and some cringey moments, but so do the films.

  34. In my opinion the writing is horrendous, both in terms of writing style and in terms of storytelling, but you’re completely free to enjoy it, at least someone enjoys it then :)

  35. I understand that she might not want to tell them because they would probably blame her because she brought him to them. But if she’s really supposed to learn and become the wise Galadriel we know she would own up to her mistakes right? And I don’t understand her blaming Hallbrand for things she did. SHE said he was the king of the Southlands, he denied it and literally told her that he found the pouch on a dead guy. SHE convinced the Numenoreans to come to Middle Earth with her, he didn’t want to go. It’s ridiculous. It makes her look like she has borderline personality disorder and is stuck in a delusion.

  36. I really find the idea that she would seek to avoid blame/embarrassment over telling them that Sauron is in their midst nauseating.

  37. Maybe hesitate for a moment, but I would expect her to own up to her mistakes. Being an elf, and one of the oldest ones alive, she’s supposed to be morally above humans like you said.

  38. Weird scientific fact: some Southeast Asians have both Neanderthal and Denisovan DNA. The logistics behind this are mind-boggling.

  39. You know that you do have few percent of your DNA coming from Neanderthalensis ? Some of them are your ancesters.

  40. Yes I know that, I followed a course on human evolution in university, it’s 2-5%, what’s your point? I know Neanderthals where not as stupid as they are often portrayed like in the media. They were capable of speech.

  41. "Feminazi and empowerment campaigns" give me a break.

  42. Bronwyn actress stated her character is an activist, Tolkien is not about activism. But that’s minor. A bigger problem is Amazon using people of colour as a meat shield. You have to be seriously blind to not see how the interviews with Disa actress that make the show seem like it’s the first show EVER to have people of colour in it are building a foundation based upon which they can say that if you don’t like the show you’re a racist. I feel bad for people of colour who do realise they’re being used here. So okay it’s not much feminazi crap but more an anti-racism façade.

  43. Rings of power has a diverse cast. If the actors in that cast want to celebrate that, whatever that's cool. There are a ton of racists who hate that Rings of Power has a diverse cast.

  44. I agree that the terrible writing and costuming and everything are much, much bigger problems but the actors are not free to say whatever they want during interviews. Because that could get movie companies and producers in trouble. And Disa is barely in the show so far but they pushed her interviews to the front. Why would that be?

  45. And the story of a guy who falls from the sky as a star and then remembers nothing and in the end is a semi god being is from Diablo III, nobody points that.

  46. Interesting! The more of these copied scenes and plots I hear about the more I’m beginning to believe that they literally just sat down and went “okay I’m sure you have all watched a lot of movies and series, give me scenes you really liked so we can copy them” and they just picked scenes to copy and tried to weave a story through them, but they can’t write.

  47. According to some Tolkien’s later writings, the Blue Wizards arrived during the Second Age.

  48. No but “from shadow you came and to shadow I bid you return” sounds suspiciously like “go back to the shadow. The dark fire will not avail you, flame of Ûdun”. Also we know they’re doing time compression shite. And I’m pretty sure all the wizards arrived in the third age in the books but they explicitly say that he’s one of the Istari in the show.

  49. How would he know that she would jump of the boat? How would he make sure that they meet on the ocean? The ocean is massive…

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