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The Trump campaign is reportedly considering appointing loyal electors in battleground states with Republican legislatures to bypass the election results. Could the Trump campaign legitimately win the election this way despite losing the Electoral College?

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  1. its like when conservatards call sanders a commie. ' There being tards

  2. Slow down the jungle clear. Sick of the spam ganking meta

  3. The atlantic has no credible source. Didnt they run that fake story aboiut trump calling the troops losers too?

  4. Again . . . the CDC did tell people not to wear masks but it wasn't a LIE. There were reasons why they told people that, such as preventing a mask shortage for healthcare workers and the understood effectiveness of them for people not knowing coming in contact with covid-19 exposed people.

  5. This comment has been removed for violating

  6. so your gonna remove my comment but not there? I am responding with an adequate amount of evidence given the amount they have given. It's pretty obvious modding is one-sided. But I'm expected to give a source and they arent?

  7. People holding up these flags are a far right fascistic political party/rally.

  8. Foucault flair and you just said that? You have no conception about the governmental control of knowledge but you read foucault? I'm Suprised everyday I come here.

  9. In honor of his birthday today, what are your favorite Mos Def songs? For me, in no order:

  10. Auditorium. Favorite beat if all time and one of my favorite verses of all time.

  11. Griselda crew. There flows are boring and music sounds like a knock off madlib tbh. If your really into that talk flow you would love them. But it's a nah from me dawg.

  12. How does the their music sound like “knock off madlib”

  13. Sounds like they were trying to get that madlib/alchemist sound. Beat and production wise. But could t get them.

  14. I support it. But it's a capitalistic endeavor. A true socialistic system wouldn't have a use for it.

  15. He's done some questionable things. Like wanting to rename a Holocaust to a genocide memorial and has been seen associating with some dicey groups.

  16. Cole under pressure, what that make? Diamonds

  17. That's some raw as fuck word play. What song?

  18. God he has to have thousands of songs. We know he has a few completed projects. I hope we get proper releases at some point.

  19. Best part? In interviews Future has said he barely does drugs, he just does it because he knows people eat that shit up

  20. Y’all catch when chance said “I would spare a rib to get my baby back”? Just caught that today, Chance has some great wordplay sometimes.

  21. Any word play not by doom is trashed here. What's the biblical reference?

  22. People who grew up in the hood; do the streets fuck with doom?

  23. great choice, i should throw that in the rotation at my next party

  24. He ain't gonna be selling them to people who actually use pickup trucks, that's for damn sure, considering a 250 mile range empty and the same payload as 40 year old Fords.

  25. What job site truck is doing more than 250 miles a day? Your never ever driving thatuch for a construction truck in a day. Barring special circumstances. Perfect for public works and commercial construction.

  26. Thought about the oil fields. Said your From Alberta?

  27. Nothing they published was a lie. But they were in effect an information laundromat for state intelligence agencies who wanted certain pieces of information out in public discourse without revealing the source or objective of publication.

  28. I see way more upvoted commie takes than nazi takes, that's all

  29. There only commie takes because ypur Overton window is so far left. It's like when th chapos think any moderately conservative position is facist.

  30. Sorry, far-left socialist, is that better? I'm from Sweden, I don't think my Overton window is placed that weirdly

  31. Looking at your post history and your name this is most likely in reference to white genocide or some other WS nonsense.

  32. shaun sucks so much, and is far too pretentious for how much of a dipshit he is

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