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  1. Our interns (big 4) were offered $75k in MCOL market (Texas)

  2. Wow.. it seems like big 4 MCOL is 75k nowadays.

  3. I started HCOL in 2021 at $64K for a midsize firm. I’d say that’s a pretty decent offer. Raises recently have been pretty decent so your pay will quickly increase as well. Seems like in the 5-10% range annually, which is above most industry peers in terms of just a normal annual compensation adjustment.

  4. Pretty solid. I have an offer at 29/hr + 2500 sign on in a MCOL t50 firm.

  5. I’m Asian and just received and internship offer. A few people I talked to so I could get a feel of KPMG before applying were Asian. I don’t think they would solely reject you off of race.

  6. Got offer a month ago and will start soon. Some of my friends received offers from KPMG for different positions. Don’t think race would be a reason of their denial.

  7. Hey, Can you tell me the specific example of case study?

  8. Review basic FDD terminology, mainly how a Quality of Earnings (QoE) table works. Be sure to know how one-time non-recurring events are handled and how the QoE is affected by them. All the questions will be centered around the QoE report in the case study for the most part, with other minor technical questions just to engage your brain/ see how you think when asked certain things.

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