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  1. Sallie May. She has 4 lines but that was enough to charm so many people, myself included. And she's a prime example of representation done right. Can't wait to see more of her.

  2. or ya'll could just let people enjoy whatever characters they want since its all subjective 🙄

  3. Wait, you mean to tell me that after fifty-twelve hundred and a half posts made by people shitting on Stella's character and how she's written, and half the comments saying she's not badly written and they like her, that this is all... subjective and opinions can differ from person to person ?

  4. "Irredeemable monster" isn't the problem. Let's compare Stella to everyone's new favorite pure evil villain, Big Jack Horner.

  5. It's not. A lot of people here bring up the assassination attempts when to me it's clear it's unrelated to the drawing. The context here is she insulted Blitz in front of Stolas, which in no way justifies a slap at all.

  6. i dont think its abuse personally, (current episode spoilers ahead)

  7. Hmm... Okay so firstly, there's a difference between representing abuse in a more realistic tone, like in Circus, and over-the-top evil for cartoon purposes like hiring a hitman to kill someone purely because they cheated on you. I personally was referring to the former.

  8. Sally May appearing in an episode or having an episode doesn't exactly take away from anything else. And we're getting an Episode that's dedicated to Blitzo and Fizzarolli's past which is probably all the explanation you could need for his character.

  9. Oh don't worry. I know it doesn't take away from anything. I was just poking fun at just how many plotlines the show has.

  10. Lost does the exact same thing and that worked out. Many of these criticisms would cease to exist if the show had a consistent release schedule.

  11. True. That's what scares me, man. Them being super ambitious and releasing such high quality content vs the very loose schedule and my crippling fear the show might be dropped eventually. Ugh.

  12. When he said "She's rich", I personally lost my damn mind lmao. Isn't Stolas also super rich ? Why isn't he an evil character ? As soon as he said this, I kinda lost interest and moved on. If Viv said Stella is a bitch without context, stop trying to find reaosns for her being evil. She's not designed to have any reasoning behind her evil actions.

  13. From these pics, one is smiling, one isn't. There is clear correlation here and I won't let anybody change my mind. This is clear favoritism. Whoops, dropped my /s somewhere again, shit.

  14. Hey, you know what ? Being heroic in fanfictions is better than not being heroic at all. If these people want Stella to do good, then all the power to them. Nothing wrong with that. I'd love Stella to do one, just ONE fucking thing right in her life, but if it doesn't happen then so be it. It's all good. Nothing changes and I'll still like the character design. Whether it's full on over the top evil or with added nuances. Me like the female bird demon. but if she's less evil, then it's always a positive.

  15. Hey I mean, in the end, everything is subjective here. Everyone will see something they like that someone else doesn't like, and vice versa. Saying this show is badly / well written is entirely up to the person claiming it is. And guess what? We're all right. The show is badly written for the people who say it is, and the show is well written for the people who say it is. Everyone's a winner !

  16. Striker legit tortured and almost killed Stolas, and even after Stella calls off the hit, he was ready to rip Stolas's eyes out, lmao.

  17. Personally, I love her design and voice, and I find her physically hot. And while I enjoy casual bitchiness, when it's just pure, unadulterated cruelty and evil, that's gonna be a big no from me dawg.

  18. Dman, the duality here, as I fucking adore her voice lmao

  19. for the DBZ thing, basically a big stupid pink blob of unimaginable homicidal power was awakened by a gross little puce-colored scrotum of a wizard because said wizard wanted to control the powerful destroyer entity. He was promptly folded like an omelette and the pink blob went on to commit nigh-instant omnicide of every lifeform on the planet with a stream of precision energy bullets with very little motivation for choosing violence.

  20. Yup. Agreed with everything you said. She's basically a non-factor now unless the writers decide that she's going to have some free-will and agency over her actions regardless of her family's stance. My point was just that dumb and impulsive sounds way more dangerous to me than the alternative.

  21. How the fuck do people even keep at it when they have an interest or passion ? Any time I fail, to me it's just a reminder that I fucking suck and always will, no matter what. Because nothing guarantees you'll get better with time, some people just keep sucking.

  22. But you are worth something 🥺

  23. Not really. Don't have any family member that cares besides my dad whom I live with but I can clearly tell he wants me out, don't have a job, on the verge of homelessness, no friends, no talent. And I'm 28. Like, I'm not saying it out of self-loathing or low self-image. I'm literally not worth anything right now.

  24. I play both ranked and normals. If I'm in ranked I try hard and don't surrender unless it's very obviously un-winnable. In norms, even if we scale better or there's a small chance it's winnable, if none of us are having fun, why play? I consider norms my time for fun and messing around so if we're getting stomped, I don't mind ending the game and starting another. Another factor is how heavily normal games can be skewed. If you are in a game with 5 diamonds on the enemy team and your whole team is silver, even if you're only losing by a little at 15, sometimes its just not worth the time. If I only have 2 hours to game that day I'd rather play ranked or a fun normal game. If you want to play competitive games and see them through, I always have a better time in ranked.

  25. Exactly my mentality as well. In ranked, you want to milk as much LP as possible so FF'ing is very rarely an option IMO.

  26. Me, also ace but also thirsty for Stella because while my brain doesn't experience sexual attraction, it experiences intense physical attraction and decides to interpret it the "wrong way" and link it to libido.

  27. In my defense, that owl is pretty attractive.

  28. Sorry but I'm just down bad for hot birb demons. That includes both Stella and Stolas.

  29. I would have cut after "I'm tryin' to do my fuckin' Job!" but still hilarious nonetheless lmao.

  30. I saw that thread yesterday and it blew my mind how people reacted to it. You guys seriously want them to not end up together, after ALL the episodes we've seen leading to it ? With most of the major plot writing poured into that ?

  31. Badly written =/= written in a way you don't like

  32. Mmmmh... Here my point of view; one dimensional characters don't immediately scream bad writing, because they are usually used to deepen other character's lore or character. They basically act as plot devices. Not every characters needs to be in-depth.

  33. So I made a thread referring to the Helluva Boss content on Twitter and it got yeeted, but this stays though. This fucking subreddit's mods, I swear to God lmao.

  34. The "He can get hurt...?!" line is still haunting every single one of my waking moments.

  35. Helluva boss takes place in hell. What do you expect? Flowers and nice speech? The whole show is based on vulgarity but it has SENSE. The combanation of vulgarity, basic comedy and sense.

  36. I know the "it's hell" excuse is kind of a meme, but it makes sense here in that regard. Did you expect imps and demons to... NOT swear ? I agree that sometimes it's looks excessive but in hindsight, I swear a whole lot in my day to day life and so are a lot of people I've known.

  37. It wasn't used, it was "censored" by Blitz going "You fucking reeeeeeeally can't say that word anymore." in the last episode towards the nurse.

  38. Her and Gwen suffering from the same disability :c

  39. Damn I guess beauty is not the eye of the beholder but instead in the eye of

  40. It is. It objectively is. Glad you’re finally coming to your senses. Now, kneel before me.

  41. I kneel and bow to our new lord Ulquiorr the Fourth, underscore. I express infinite gratitude for thy wisdom, for I have been enlightened.

  42. Honestly that's personally what bothered me in the last episode. I don't mind the humor, I don't mind the drama, what I mind is when it contrasts a lot with the B-plot. At one point, they literally follow each other in the span of two or three scenes. The contrast is so obvious when we go from haha Loona's scared of needles to Stolas being seriously tortured by Striker.

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