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  1. I got mine delivered yesterday. A Boeser authentic that was $65 delivered.

  2. It’s great! Even has the tie down on the back.

  3. I believe they are closed again. AllNovaScotia had a story about it. IIRC the people that bought the biomass plant and mill were leasing the mill out to another party, and they hadn't been paying their rent for awhile.

  4. You could make some Alabama White BBQ Sauce with it, so good.

  5. I've switched everything I can to the Brookline Pharmasave in West Bedford. Great service there never a wait.

  6. I have had MS for ~17 years now, and I was diagnosed with EoE recently. I had thought my swallowing issues were MS issues. I still think that is some of it, but I‘m still figuring this all out.

  7. Not a huge deal. Only a small section of Lucasville road was 70 anyway. On another note. Did they completely put the kibosh on Margeson drive? Would have been a good connection for LV and HP folk to get to the 101 an ease the congestion on HP road.

  8. Been making these for a bit, trying to get it dialed in. It really liked the warmer house for the fermentation, even grew out of my banneton.

  9. For sure. Plus the 750 W motor instead of the 500 W. And the integrated lights.

  10. Looks like it has the same motor 500W continuous 750W peak

  11. What about the Aventon Sinch? Looks good, seems to perform well enough, and they do have some dealers here.

  12. There is also a photopass studio at Disney Springs with backdrops if you’re interested in that.

  13. The "capture your moment" sessions look closest to what they had before in the resorts.

  14. When we were at Wilderness Lodge there was a photo pass photographer walking around the lobby and taking pictures both inside and outside. We had a short session (15 minutes) taking pictures inside by that bridge and outside with the photographer and our photos were added to our memory maker. It wasn’t something we booked though.

  15. That's good to know as that's where we are staying on our next trip. What you could do before was through through their Disney Fine Arts Photography department, basically they sent one of their wedding photographers for a session, but it looks like they only do weddings now.

  16. I like my weekend morning bakes. Just getting back into bread making and this has the best oven spring yet, even though it is a chocolate sourdough. Scared to cut into it because what if the crumb is disappointing. Lol.

  17. Looks like the nearest dealer to you is in Kingston, but Costco has some Aventon bikes on their website, including the original Aventure, at pretty good pricing.

  18. Cabot is 4 hours away, Fox Harb'r is 2 hours. That is a big ask for a big group in Halifax, but obviously great courses. Chester being just an hour away is the most reasonable for out of city courses worth leaving the city for.

  19. I don't golf but, is sharing sets not an option? So like, 4 groups each with 2 sets? Or is sharing no bueno in golf?

  20. Another sourdough related one you could make is Inspectah Weck.

  21. It's possible to see them in the city. One night I was driving on outbound 102 on the way to the airport @ 4 AM, and as I was heading toward the Hwy 101/102 interchange by Bedford we saw a huge display of Northern Lights all over Sackville. I had seen them before out west, but I still think of that night and how unbelievable that was, especially considering where I was.

  22. I have a SMEG toaster my wife got cause she thought it looked cool. I do not care for it as a toaster at all, it's a bit uneven and not consistent. Best toaster I ever had was the one it replaced a KitchenAid KTT261 Ultra Power Plus. Best toaster ever, too bad it's discontinued.

  23. Either he went to the school I went to or the M with a mustang is very common 😂

  24. I’m thinking Mustangs are a pretty common team name. This is for his club team.

  25. Yes he is a goofball. Good thing he’s cute.

  26. There are some pros and cons with LED lights. The pros are that they are more efficient and tend to cause less light pollution as the light is more focused. The cons are blue lights cause more glare and mess with our circadian rhythms.

  27. I've noticed that as well. Not sure when they changed it. The inbound used to be 110 km/h past 5A's inbound onramps, so the difference between the two was only for a couple of km's, but now it this is for 10+ kilometers.

  28. I’ve done this several times with my Koda 12, making it pretty portable. I‘ll take some shortcuts when I do it this way, like use a prepared sauce, but it still turns out great. Can confirm a 1 lb tank lasts about an hour with a Koda 12.

  29. The SCRATCH presale code works better than the MULANEY code. Better tickets that way.

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