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  1. Genuine question, what do you do when the game updates? This is super cool!!

  2. Yesss Halloween Bori!! I love your art so much lol

  3. Spino teeth are very common, nothing to worry about.

  4. Good to know!! Just wanted to make sure lol

  5. Omg these are so cute. Have you considered doing custom trades or just on-demand customs? Asking because I’m making a little story and the entire fun thing about it is that every character is from an LPS custom.

  6. I have custom trades pretty limited at the moment. I do commissions tho^ but these are just premades of some fun designs i came up with (minus whale shark cat shes an oc of mine) . Also very cool best of luck with your story :)

  7. Alright sweet noted! I followed your insta lol

  8. God I love that video so much it makes me cry with laughter

  9. I think this actually might be a joking reference to someone talking about Jenny Ortega smoking, calling her a “20 year old teenager”

  10. I don’t have a pride custom for him but I do draw him often! I drew him in my most recent post on this sub if you look on my profile

  11. aawwe omg hes so adorable!!! i love your art style so much too! :D

  12. Dimentio from Super Paper Mario. Bastard fuck jester. God I hate him but also he brings me IMMENSE joy whenever ppl draw him doing something stupid as hell

  13. Oh my god the first one’s terrible little goblin face SENT ME when I saw it. I love them all they’re so lovely

  14. For that price the steak should be like this

  15. I watched this episode so much when I was younger and I never noticed the animation error of Spike’s collar disappearing for a few frames….

  16. Ah, yes. This was part of the 'Ski Lodge Murder Mystery', part of what I believe was a campaign meant to sow distrust between human and neopet.

  17. If it makes you feel any sort of better, it’s not the claw grabbing on, a teeeeeny thread on the bow is hooked on a screw if you look close enough

  18. So cute 🥰. What is the name of the cutie sleepy Igglybuff ?

  19. CRUNCHY VEGGIES. Sorry I go insane over them specifically carrots and celery omg. Th noise, the texture, the taste, it’s all so perfect

  20. Most tribes actually have an animus tell, similar to how SeaWings have a royal family tell! The only one I’ve figured out so far is RainWings having extra frills by their eyes

  21. if you included sky wings, I think they might have longer horns or slightly patchy colors on their scales

  22. I think I might go with curled horns being the tell.

  23. Omg the bug,,,what’s the number I need one right now

  24. Funny number 420 [623 if someone already got 420] lets goooo [ty for hosting!]

  25. This is me with my combined writing universe. Ouroborosverse my beloved.

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