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  1. It’s 100% fine. We all start somewhere.

  2. The average NG Soldier carries more water than his/her active duty counterpart.

  3. Well obviously. What else would we be discussing?

  4. My wife bought a Swanson jersey for one of my kids for Christmas this year. She done the same for the same kid last year at Christmas except it was a Freeman jersey. Let’s hope she’s not starting a trend. I may have to do all the Christmas shopping form here on out.

  5. This should be a unwritten rule of baseball. You don’t buy a player’s jersey in a contract year.

  6. Been thinking about retiring. If they take away my dip, then decision will be made for me.

  7. I started my career as a scout. One AT I was put on a recon mission. “Watch this house until you are relieved.” I don’t know how long I sat there, in a little foxhole that filled with cold rain (it was March). But my balls froze. I froze. And then the many hours were over (with nothing happening at the house I was observing), I knew in my soul that the scout life was not for me.

  8. I’ve always said that if I had to campaign to become TAG, my entire pitch would be no more single-ply toilet paper in any of the armories. Only the finest TP for my Soldiers’ asses.

  9. I’d settle for two working computers so my guys can do DLC. I’ll be fucked if I’m gunna have my guys do army stuff unpaid.

  10. I like where your heart’s at, but good TP seems more reasonable. Gotta take care of those chapped asses.

  11. The crazy thing is that they just got better this year. That team terrifies me.

  12. The Braves just got better, too.

  13. That there’s a reddit bylaw that this question must be posted once every ten days or reddit will self destruct.

  14. If you have goals go NG, if you have no goals go AD

  15. I think maybe it could be opposite — depends on what the goals are. If the goals are to go straight from college into a decent paying job — go active duty. Or if you want stability and predictability — go active duty.

  16. Can’t go to college while you’re active duty

  17. I took op to be saying he’s considering going active or national guard when he finishes college (since he’s in ROTC now).

  18. I’d include it, but I wouldn’t emphasize it. Maybe a line that says, “Ranger, airborne, and air assault qualified.” If the person knows what it means, great, if they don’t, it may be interesting enough to talk about during an interview.

  19. “But we care about your civilian career and family and want you to be successful. Have you submitted your employer for an ESGR award?”

  20. As someone who detests the Yankees, Aaron Judge is a Yankee. He needs to stay with the Yankees.

  21. just because it was $77 doesn't mean it was high quality

  22. No, but the chances of getting a quality steak for $77 are significantly hire than the chances of getting a quality steak for $17.

  23. Man, I hate when I make typos like that.

  24. You can compare the current 3 to our big 3, absolutely. That doesn't mean they're as good as maddux/glavine/smoltz, but you can at least draw comparisons.

  25. I mean, not to get pedantic, but obviously they can be compared. I could “compare” the three bananas in my kitchen to Maddux/Glavine/Smoltz.

  26. Once you get past their tough exterior they are sweet and fleshy on the inside??

  27. People are downvoting you, but I think you have a point. Barry Bonds—right, wrong, or indifferent—is synonymous with MLB homeruns. His HR race was all people talked about. Now, with Pujols, that initial thrill of a “once in a generation accomplishment” is a little dulled. I saw a post earlier about how Pujols can’t even get a segment on sportscenter to discuss his race.

  28. $98/month*38 years = $240k is compounded money too. I think the point is, what’s easier, putting aside $98/month for the next 38 years or giving up a Friday (plus more) every month for the next twenty.

  29. Set up TSP. Contribute as much as you can. Literally as much as you can. Your monthly drill check will be what, $220-$250 after taxes? Ask yourself if you can live without that. (You can. You’re living without it right now.) Never change your contribution amount, and that money will multiply.

  30. The Rangers. Lived out in Oklahoma for a few years. One of my my good buddies out there was a Rangers fan. Rangers were fairly easy to catch on tv. They just kind of grew on me.

  31. Is there any real benefit to cooking directly on the goals?

  32. Not just you. I’ve been saying this for years. There are exceptions, for example, I actually like the chain steakhouses. Longhorn and Texas Roadhouse usually have well cooked good quality steak. Then there are the top tier steakhouses that just have better equipment and actual chefs and top-quality meat.

  33. I think this absolutist mentality ignores a very real aspect of the game. Players always have, and always will, push the limits of the rules in order to gain a competitive advantage.

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